17.2 On Foot



Issue editors: Carl Lavery & Nicolas Whybrow

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The aim of this issue is to rethink the expressive and perceptive potential of the foot in contemporary performance. Contributors will reflect on a variety of footbased practices and processes as both dramaturgy – in theatre, dance, performance and film – and in everyday life activities such as running and walking. They will also contemplate the metaphorical significance of the foot in phrases such as footwork, footnotes, footage and in the technical vocabulary associated with the foot as a mode of rhythmic measurement in music and poetry. The issue hopes to draw attention to the foot’s aesthetic and political capacities for perceiving and (re)arranging the world.


Editorial Pas De Deux
Carl Lavery, Nicolas Whybrow
pp. 1 – 11
Getting Things off the Ground: Pedestrian Feelings
Martin Welton
pp. 12 – 17
[Artist’s Pages] the Distance Between Us
Alexander Kelly
pp. 18 – 21
Thinking Limping: Richard Maxwell’s Neutral Hero and the Tragic Impediment of Contemporary Theatre
Adrian Kear
pp. 22 – 29
We Always Arrive in the Theatre on Foot: a Walk to the Theatre in Sixteen Steps and Eighteen Footnotes
Esther Pilkington, Martin Nachbar
pp. 30 – 35
Foot, Mouth and Ear: Some Thoughts on Prosody and Performance
John Hall
pp. 36 – 41
On Foot Commonplace Book [artists, pages]
Matthew Goulish, Lin Hixson
pp. 42 – 45
Before the Law of Human Motor Functions: Walter Benjamin’s Poetics of the Step
Jason Groves
pp. 46 – 53
Acconci’s Pied-à-Terre: Taking the Archive for a Walk
Kiff Bamford
pp. 54 – 61
‘Before I Compose a Piece, I Walk Round It Several Times, Accompanied by Myself’
Stephen Hodge
pp. 62 – 66
Turning 40: 40 Turns: Walking and Friendship
Deirdre (Dee) Heddon
pp. 67 – 75
Conversations After Dark
Townley & Bradby
pp. 76 – 82
Surfaces and Slopes
Hayden Lorimer
pp. 83 – 86
Warplands: Alkborough
Mike Pearson
pp. 87 – 96
Walk ‘Til You Run out of Water
Perdita Phillips
pp. 97 – 109
Running Through a Field: Performance and Humanness
Gregg Whelan
pp. 110 – 120
Memory, Identity and a Desire to Dance
Margaret Ames
pp. 121 – 127
Foot Washing for the Sole [artist’s pages]
Adrian Howells
pp. 128 – 131
The Un-Seeing Eyes of the Foot: in Memoriam Kazuo Ohno
Johannes Birringer
pp. 132 – 138
A Mis-Guide Walks to the Shoe Museum
Simon Persighetti
pp. 139 – 140
Notes on Contributors
pp. 141 – 142

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