For the curious… opening  up worlds of performance

The Centre for Performance Research (CPR) was established in Cardiff in 1988.  It is the successor to Cardiff Laboratory Theatre, formed in 1974. CPR is a multi-faceted arts organization, working nationally and internationally. It is based in Aberystwyth, Wales.

Through its participation and presentation programmes – working across a range of disciplines that include dance and theatre, installation and performance, music and multimedia projects, site specific and landscape-based events – CPR promotes emerging artists and ideas, explores the relationship of innovation to tradition and pursues (sometimes against prevailing trends and fashions) the underlying artistic and socio-political issues raised by the work.

Inscribed within every project is the desire to affect change, with the key objectives being investigation, discovery and sharing. These objectives are to enable audiences and practitioners to engage with traditional and emerging ideas, methods and theatre practices from around the world and, through this dynamic interchange, foster a vibrant and distinctive theatre ecology in the UK.