About CPR


The Centre for Performance Research Ltd is a charity – charity number 701544 – and a company limited by guarantee (registered in England and Wales) – company number 02315790.

The organization’s registered address and administrative base is in Aberystwyth, Wales:

6 Science Park
SY23 3AH

CPR can be contacted by email: info@thecpr.org.uk and by telephone: +44 (0)1970 358021


CPR – Projects, Bookshop, Black Mountain Press

Artistic Director: Richard Gough – r.gough@thecpr.org.uk
Admin Director: Helen Gethin – h.gethin@thecpr.org.uk


Performance Research Journal

General Editor: Richard Gough – r.gough@thecpr.org.uk

Managing Editor: Sandra Laureri – s.laureri@performance-research.org
Managing Editor: Helen Gethin – h.gethin@performance-research.org
Managing Editor: Siu-lin Rawlinson – info@performance-research.org
Managing Editor: Helen Munro Berry: h.munro.berry@performance-research.org

Performance Research Books

General Editor: Richard Gough – r.gough@thecpr.org.uk
Managing Editor: Helen Munro Berry – h.munro.berry@thecpr.org.uk


Voice International and Giving Voice
Voice Director: Joan Mills – info@thecpr.org.uk



CPR Ltd’s board of Trustees can be contacted via the Company Secretary, Helen Gethin: h.gethin@thecpr.org.uk

The Chair of Trustees is Roger Tomlinson and the Trustees are:

Michael Freeman
Carol Jones
Keith Lewis
Oliver Morris
Roger Owen
Moira Vincentelli
Noel Witts