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Issue editors: Ric Allsopp & David Williams

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This issue opens the fifth year of publication for Performance Research, and focuses on furthering the conversations with scholars and artists which have developed over the first half-decade of our existence. As well as including reflections on the state of play in the worlds of performance practice, theory and criticism the editors intend to open new subjects and to initiate new formats for publication. Proposals, interviews, performance texts, letters and responses to the ideas generated in PR since 1996 are welcomed and encouraged.
Editorial: Openings
Ric Allsopp, David Williams
pp. iii – iv
The Location and Dislocation of Theatre
Ric Allsopp
pp. 1 – 8
Brian Catling’s The Stumbling Block, It’s Index: A Reading
Simon Perril
pp. 9 – 15
Bleeding, Sweating, Crying and Jumping
Anna Furse
pp. 16 – 31
The Citadel: A wise body
Jacky Lansley
pp. 32 – 39
Live Transmissions [artist’s pages]
Morgan O’Hara
pp. 40 – 41
Capel Pennant – the Place I Am In
Lisa Lewis
pp. 42 – 53
The Tower Under the Sky: Choreographic and cinematographic theatre in New Zealand
John Downie
pp. 54 – 61
Avignon 1999 (Nine Photo-Texts) [artist’s pages]
Patrice Pavis
pp. 62 – 69
Carlyle Reedy – Straddling Language and Performance
Alaric Sumner
pp. 70 – 73
Monkey Theatre (1972): Carlyle Reedy interviewed by Alaric Sumner
Carlyle Reedy, Alaric Sumner
pp. 74 – 82
Displaced Consciousness: Tracing the blind spot of our perception
Koen Tachelet
pp. 83 – 90
Proletarian Tragedies in the Era of Counter-revolution: The post-dramaturgy of Heiner Müller
Valentina Valentini
pp. 91 – 98
Knowable and Unknowable Worlds: The dance-theatre of Josef Nadj
Tibor Várszegi
pp. 99 – 105
Reckless Sleepers: ‘Schrödinger’s Box’ (A Document)
Reckless Sleepers
pp. 106 – 111
Except the Cinders – a Fire Trajectory
David Williams
pp. 112 – 119
Essay Competition Winner: Conflict of Interest: Performance as a spectator
Joshua Sofaer
pp. 120 – 125
Book Review
Diana Theodores
pp. 126 – 127
Archive Review
Stuart Lynch
pp. 128 – 130
Notes on Contributors
pp. 131 – 132

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