5.2 On Animals



Issue editors: Alan Read

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On Animals confronts the human-centric nature of performance by inviting contributions on: interspecies relations in theatrical acts, historiography of anomalous events such as bear baiting and flea circuses, architectures of animal exhibition, technologies of new nature and animal relations to cyborg cultures, the second nature of mimesis, the animal iconography of non-western expressive forms, animal acoustics and vocal experiment, post-human philosophies and performance of animal rites and rights. The field is as open as our ability to think and practise performance beyond the human.
Editorial: On Animals
Alan Read
pp. iii – iv
Alphonso Lingis
pp. 1 – 10
Animals, Angel and Performance
Jean-Marie Pradier
pp. 11 – 22
The Animal Being on Stage
Romeo Castellucci
pp. 23 – 28
The Right Horse, The Animal Eye – Bartabas and Théâtre Zingaro
David Williams
pp. 29 – 40
Embodying the Lion’s Fury: Ambivalent animals, activation and representation
Phillip B. Zarrilli
pp. 41 – 54
On the Skids: Some years of acting animals
Tim Etchells
pp. 55 – 60
Acknowledging the Imperative of Performance in the Infancy of Theatre
Alan Read
pp. 61 – 69
Sloughing the Human
Steve Baker
pp. 70 – 81
The Wolf-Man [artist’s pages]
Adrian Kear, Joe Kelleher
pp. 82 – 91
The Others: Performance conceived, written and performed by
Rachel Rosenthal
pp. 92 – 107
Natural Instincts and Cultural Passions: Transformations and performances in foxhunting
Garry Marvin
pp. 108 – 115
Renaissance Dogs: The transformation of the onstage canine, 1550-1850
Michael Dobson
pp. 116 – 124
Reviews: A Dog’s Life
Andrea Phillips
pp. 125 – 130
Wind, Even When We Do Not Move: an archive [artist’s pages]
David Williams
pp. 131 – 135
Book Review
David Williams
pp. 136 – 138
Notes on Contributors
pp. 139 – 140

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