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On America will respond to the powerful presence in contemporary culture of aesthetic forms and political strategies derived from North America. Counterpointing Letters from Europe, the issue will address the use and abuse of images of and from North America, the deconstruction in performance theory and practice of North American art, film and performance, and the presentation of America as genre and fiction. With contributions from theatre-makers, artists, theorists and critics outside North America, as well as those working on the cultural and aesthetic fringes within the Americas, the issue will debate the influence of North American cultural products and practices, providing a forum for debate over cultural hegemony and displacement, identity and aesthetic practice.
Richard Gough
pp. v – vi
Preface and Editorial
Günter Berghaus
pp. vii
On Origins: Behind the Rituals
David George
pp. 1 – 15
Shamanism in Britain Today
Graham Harvey
pp. 16 – 24
The Aztec Ritual Sacrifices
Mutsumi Izeki
pp. 25 – 32
Sadomedicine: Bob Flanagan’s ‘Visiting Hours’ and Last Rites
Linda S. Kauffman
pp. 33 – 41
Mental Illness as Ritual Theatre
Roland Littlewood
pp. 42 – 53
Mythological and Ritual Theatre in Cuba
Inés María Martiatu Terry
pp. 54 – 60
A Sense of Wonder
Gordon MacLellan
pp. 61 – 64
Ritual and Crisis: Survival techniques of humans and other animals
Günter Berghaus
pp. 65 – 73
The Camera as Catalyst: Photography as a form of ritual theatre [artist’s pages]
Grace Lau
pp. 74 – 77
Mandala Meaning and Method: Ritual delineation of sacred space in tantric buddhism
Martin J. Boord
pp. 78 – 85
Grotowski’s Art as Vehicle: The invention of an esoteric tradition
Lisa Wolford
pp. 86 – 96
The Performance of Pain
Ted Polhemus
pp. 97 – 104
The Serpent’s Song: Ritual performances of the Kaxinawá in the Amazon forest
Cláudia Neiva de Matos
pp. 105 – 112
Diary of an Imaginal Navigation [artist’s pages]
Maria de Marias
pp. 113 – 116
Book Reviews
Graham Ley, Daniel C. Noel, Günter Berghaus
pp. 117 – 129
Archive Review
Hanno Millesi
pp. 130 – 133
Notes on Contributors
pp. 134 – 136

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