4.1 On Cooking



Issue editors: Richard Gough

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This issue will explore themes reflected in the overlap between Performance, Food and Cookery. It will look at food in performance and food as performance art; the performative in cookery and its staging in the kitchen and at the table. Articles and artists’ pages will develop piquant analogies and correlations between the processes in cooking and performance making. They will give testament to the theatricality of food and speculate on food as a model for theatre; multisensory, processual and communal.
Richard Gough
pp. iii – iv
Playing to the Senses: Food as performance medium
Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett
pp. 1 – 30
Foodscares! The pleasures and dangers of culinary theatre
Emma Govan, Dan Rebellato
pp. 31 – 41
Peep and Eat [artist’s pages]
Peter De Bie
pp. 42 – 43
Cooking Time with Gertrude Stein
Adrian Kear
pp. 44 – 55
Russian Dining: Theatre of the gastronomic absurd
Darra Goldstein
pp. 56 – 63
Blood and Aprons [artist’s pages]
John Fox
pp. 64 – 69
Melting Moments: Bodies upstaged by the foodie gaze
Helen Iball
pp. 70 – 81
On Pickling [artist’s pages]
Laurie Beth Clark, Li Chiao-Ping, Michael Peterson
pp. 82 – 87
The Edible Metaphor: an interview with Peter Kubelka
Christine Gaigg
pp. 88 – 92
On Cooking the Sunday Dinner [artist’s pages]
Bobby Baker
pp. 93 – 96
Risk in Intimacy: an interview with Bobby Baker
Adrian Heathfield
pp. 97 – 106
A Temperate Menu [artist’s pages]
Alicia Rios
pp. 107 – 109
Feasting on the Future: Foods of the world of tomorrow at the New York World’s Fair of 1939-40
Eve Jochnowitz
pp. 110 – 120
Hunger and the Future of Performance
Enzo Cozzi
pp. 121 – 129
Joanne Finkelstein
pp. 130 – 136
Reviews: Rituals of Incorporation: Food and performance in Sydney, Austrailia
Edward Scheer
pp. 137 – 141
Reviews: An Appetite for Trapeze
Rachel Fensham
pp. 142 – 150
Archive and Book Review
Adam Hayward, Claire MacDonald
pp. 151 – 154
Notes on Contributors
pp. 155 – 156

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