8.4 Moving Bodies



Issue editors: David Williams & Ric Allsopp

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Moving Bodies will be the final issue of a volume which explores the body and the senses in performance. Developing the practices and ideas addressed in Bodiescapes – which investigates the bodies of the performer and the spectator in, around and at performance – Moving Bodies will direct its focus towards the field of dance and choreography, and investigate actions, strategies and contexts of bodies in movement. The editors have invited contributions on the practices and technologies of moving bodies including improvising bodies, de-objectified bodies, spatialized bodies, resistant bodies, ‘bodies without organs’, still bodies and absent bodies. The issue will also consider practices and technologies that destabilize received modalities and economies of seeing as knowing, that amplify the sensorium and displace the visibility of dance and its locations; as well as the circuits and flows by means of which dance activities encounter other bodies.
David Williams, Ric Allsopp
pp. 1 – 3
Conversations on Choreography [artist’s pages]
Scott deLahunta, Isabelle Ginot, Myriam van Imschoot
Über allen Gipfeln is Känguruh [artist’s pages]
Hans-Peter Litscher
pp. 4 – 5
Choreomanias: Movements through our body
Stephen Muecke
pp. 6 – 10
Hong Kong In-corporated: Falun Gong and the choreography of stillness
SanSan Kwan
pp. 11 – 20
Furious Bodies, Enthusiastic Bodies: On the work of Wim Vandekeybus
Alena Alexandrovna
pp. 21 – 25
Trembling in the Archive [artist’s pages]
Karmenlara B. Seidman
pp. 26 – 32
ElectrONic Bodies: Corpo-realities in contemporary dance performance
Peter M. Boenisch
pp. 33 – 41
Making a Point of Inflection [artist’s pages]
Bernie Lubell
pp. 42 – 45
Touching Light
Elizabeth Dempster
pp. 46 – 51
Habitat [artist’s pages]
Brigid McLeer
pp. 52 – 53
Tracing Bodies: Researching psychophysical training for performance through practice
Rebecca Loukes
pp. 54 – 60
PPP (Project = Process = Product): A letter to the participants of Xavier Le Roy’s Project
Pirkko Husemann
pp. 71 – 76
Describing Dance, Inscribing Biography: Or, how personal can ballet be?
Franz Anton Cramer
pp. 77 – 83
Happy Together: Moving toward multiplicity
Erin Manning
pp. 84 – 89
Habitat [artist’s pages]
Brigid McLeer
pp. 90 – 91
Eyes in Movement
José A. Sanchez
pp. 92 – 99
Interfacing as a Practice of Performance and Discourse: Bilderwerfer’s Bloody Drops of Happiness
Peter Stamer
pp. 100 – 106
On Being Moved by Performance
Anna Fenmore
pp. 107 – 114
Dance Till Your Heart’s Desired
Linda Marie Walker
pp. 115 – 125
Moved by the Wind [artist’s pages]
Annette Arlander
pp. 126 – 129
A Moving Meditation on a Dead Line
Tracey Warr
pp. 130 – 136
Book Review: A List is a Good Place to Begin
Rachel Fensham
pp. 137 – 138
Habitat [artist’s pages]
Brigid McLeer
pp. 139
Notes on Contributors
pp. 140 – 142

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