I.Q. Ira’s Quantum Theatre Workshop – Aberystwyth, May 2009

Ira Seidenstein (Australia)

Saturday 30th & Sunday 31st May 2009, 10am–4pm
The Foundry, Penglais Campus, Aberystwyth, SY23 3AJ

Aimed at performers, dancers, directors, musicians and teachers, this weekend workshop will inspire you to reinvigorate your own vision and performance practice.

Director, clown and actor, Ira Seidenstein will introduce the principles of Quantum Theatre known as i.Q. This unique and highly practical approach acknowledges the body-mind-spirit aspects of acting and performance and aims to explore universal principles for acting and theatre regardless of method, to assists the actor to locate the links between Stanislavsky, Suzuki, and Shakespeare via the anatomy. The workshop will focus on the body, text, improvisation, as well as principles of creation, editing and choreographing and will include i.Q’s ‘Core Mechanics’, the ‘Creative Twist’, and the ‘Theatre Ritual’.

Quantum Theatre: Slapstick to Shakespeare is an economical way to reinvigorate ones own theatre practice by using universal principles. Quantum Theatre is organic and logical. It incorporates a breadth of ideas, techniques and cultural inheritance that contemporary theatre possesses. The Quantum Theatre exercises leave space for an actor to use any of their previous trainings or experience.

Quantum Theatre uses only a few exercises and practice templates. These potent exercises carry essential practical ideas that are completely adaptable to the unique needs of individuals, theatre trainings, and theatre companies.

Ira Seidenstein’s work has been actively combining creativity and healing for over thirty-years and his practical body-mind-spirit approach to acting Ira-Quantum i.e. Quantum Theatre: Slapstick to Shakespeare was established 1993 after 20-years practical research. Ira’s formal training and education is in both Visual & Performing Arts as well as Education; Ira’s extensive training includes the methods of Stanislavsky, Lecoq, and Suzuki and in various movement techniques such as acrobatics, ballet, yoga, chi gong, tai chi and contemporary dance, and Iyengar yoga.

Ira has worked in over 100 productions including with Cirque du Soleil, Australia’s national Shakespeare company, San Diego Repertory Theatre and numerous independent companies. He has coached performers at the highest level including Olympic gymnasts, ballet dancers, circus artistes, and classical actors.

“Ira Seidenstein is one of the treasures of our fringe theatre.”
Sydney Morning Herald.