CowGirl Parlour – July 2015

A performance/installation project funded by the Wellcome Trust, conceived and produced by Christine Watkins and facilitated by the Centre for Performance Research.

Visit the CowGirl project blog (still live) for more information and pictures:


The CowGirl Parlour project explores stories ancient and modern about the relationship between cows, people and milk.

In the ten thousand years or so since people began to domesticate cattle stories have arisen in many lands about the Abundant Cow, marvellous and precious, with a generous flow of milk that will never run dry; but one day she disappears and cannot be found…

Old stories run deep… and the search for the Abundant Cow, with all its twists and turns, is a story that today’s dairy herds are still telling…

Come into our Parlour – have a look around, have a listen.

There will also be a live spoken word and music performance outside the caravan (also free) and  ice creams for sale in our pop-up ice cream parlour!


cowgirlbackfinal (2)

cowgirl front small