Dem Einzelnen Ein Ganzes /A Whole for the Parts


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Spatial objects, UFOs that have landed in the theater, sculptures: these are just a few of the ways Jan Pappelbaum’s stage sets have been described. With his background in architecture, the stage designer creates utterly unique spaces. His starting point is the work of the actors, but he surprises audiences time and again with complex space solutions in open and undetermined settings. For years, Pappelbaum has had a decisive influence on the aesthetics of the Schaubuehne in Berlin and the productions of Thomas Ostermeier, and he had worked with well-known directors such as Tom Kuehnel, Robert Schuster, Falk Richter and Andrea Moses. With an extensive and singular collection of photographs, this volume illuminates Jan Pappelbaum’s workshop and his oeuvre. The directors with whom he had collaborated reveal new and surprising aspects of his work; actors and actresses, authors and cultural scientists describe Pappelbaum’s sets from their own point of view.

The book includes articles by Frank Eckart, Tom Kuehnel, Marius von Mayenburg, Andrea Moses, Thomas Ostermeier, Falk Richter, Robert Schuster and Anne Tismer.

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