Anna Viebrock: Das Vorgefundene erfinden


By Anna Viebrock.
Published by Theater der Zeit.


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Anna Viebrock’s works are regarded as unique examples of postmodern theatre in the past twenty years. Her inventions as a set designer make an unmistakable impact on not only German and international theatre and theatre-makers, but also upon artists and architects internationally.
Characteristic of Viebrock’s work is a subversive realism, full of surreal logic and surprising mechanisms that run counter to any semblance of ordinariness. Viebrock deconstructs garages, boats, beer tents, shelters, churches or aircraft cabins and reconstructs them in her complex sets and hyper-real spaces. In this way, mysterious spaces of memory and survival, build systems which traverse the maze as an actor.

This comprehensive monograph builds on the first book by Anna Viebrock, which was published exactly ten years ago (Theater der Zeit, “This time does not stand”). Since then, she has numerous stage designs and costume pictures for Christoph Marthaler, Jossi Wieler, Hans new rock and Meg Stuart invented, among other things, for the Zurich Schauspielhaus, the papal Palace in Avignon, the Opéra National de Paris, the Bayreuth Festival, the popular theater on Rosa-Luxembourg-Platz in Berlin, the Theater Basel, as well as for the Stuttgart State Opera, the acting Cologne and Vienna Festival.

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