Czech Theatre Review 1989-2009


Selected articles on Czech theatre from the journal Divadelni Revue
Published by Arts & Theatre Institute (Prague)


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Contains the following:

Preface – Czech Theatre Review from 1989 up to the Present

Magdalena Jackova
The Mirror of Virtue, the Miracle of Eloquence, the Oracle of Wisdom. Jesuit Plays about St. Catherine of Alexandria (2008)

Alice Dubska
The Puppet Play ‘The Hudlice Fair’in the Context of 17th and 18th Centure Drama (1993)

Pavla Peskova
The Chateau Stages of hte Wallenstein Family in Bohemia and Moravia (2005)

Eva Sormova
‘Hamlet’ 1926. hilar’s Production of ‘Hamlet’ in the Context of Interpretations of the Play (1990)

Jana Patockova
Otomar Krejca: Theatre ad Politics (2001)

Zdenek Horinek
The Metaphorical Theatre of Fact. Some Comments on One Path Taken by Studio Ypsilon (1990)

Jan Roubal
Two Alternative Trends in Ivan Vyskocil’s Nedivadlo (1997)

Vladimir Just
The Language of Experanto. Dramatis Impersonae in the Plays of Vaclav Havel (2004)

Vera Velemaova
Theatre Director Petr Lebl and Scenographer William Nowak: Two Men in One (2005)

Jaroslav Etlik
Theatre as Experience. On the Relationship Between the Noetic and Ontological Principles in Theatre Art (1999)

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