25.4 On Hybridity



Issue editors: Frank Camilleri & Maria Kapsali

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This issue considers hybridity in relation to performance, in particular the making, reception and study of performance as practices that emerge from heterogeneous sources, as well as the performative operation of hybridity in historical, cultural and political contexts. The term has a rich narrative, from roots in agriculture to applications in animal husbandry and metallurgy. It took on racialized overtones when it overlapped with the history of imperialism and slavery. In the twentieth century, hybridity became associated with subjectivity and identity, eventually leading to notions of cultural hybridity. Currently, hybridity has taken yet another inflection in light of technology, where to be human entails an ever-complex entanglement with non-human materiality. This issue is based on the belief that a reconsideration of hybridity is timely because of its application across so many diverse fields and that performance, in reflecting and influencing human activity, is strategically placed to conduct such a reappraisal. Accordingly, it explores the intersections between hybridity and performance as the coming together of performer and environment, materials and practitioners, performance and reception, event and analysis.



Editorial : On Hybridity
Frank Camilleri, Maria Kapsali

Towards an Ethics of Hybrid Agency in Performance
Duncan Jamieson

A Hybridity Continuum : The case of the performer’s bodyworlds
Frank Camilleri

Becoming-Leech : Animal–human–technological hybrid exchanges
Jennifer Parker-Starbuck

Across Bodily and Disciplinary Borders : Hybridity as methodology, expression, dynamic
Marco Donnarumma

Sonic Bodies : Sonification and the hybridization of aesthetic experience
Maria Kapsali

Hybridity in the Utopian City : A multisensory performance practice in action
Alda Terracciano

On Hybridity in Puppetry : Material ontologies
Marzenna Wiśniewska

Dementia in Dramaturgically Hybrid Performance and the Performance of Objects
Morgan Batch

Interweaving Deaf and Hearing Cultural Practices in Performance Processes
Michael Richardson

Learning from Experience : Disciplinary hybridity between group psychoanalysis and performance
Olive Mckeon

Experiencing Choreographed 4D visuals in a VR Dance Installation [artists’ pages]
Stephan Jürgens, Carla Fernandes, Rafael Kuffner

Queer Fiesta : Hybridity, drag and performance in Bolivian folklore
Enzo E. Vasquez Toral

British Multiculturalism and Interweaving Hybridities in South Asian Dance
Avanthi Meduri

More than Hybrid : Movement dramaturgy in the aftermath of the Gezi protests
Sinibaldo de Rosa

Towards Hybridity : Dance, tourism and cultural heritage
Rosemary E. Kostic Cisneros, Marie-Louise Crawley, Sarah Whatley

Photoscenography : Cuddington [artist’s pages]
Nick Hunt

The Essay, the Maligned : On the performativity of the essay as hybrid form
Jasper Delbecke

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