15.3 On Listening



Issue editors: Catherine Laws

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Sound has particular characteristics that can be exploited and explored artistically. However, even in the fields of music and sound art the act of listening and the role of the listener are ascribed far less attention than questions of artistic intention, execution, or sonic materiality. On Listening draws together perspectives from a range of fields, paying particular attention to manifestations of listening as a reflective process towards and in performance, as a performative act, and as an embodied process. The volume includes artists’ pages and a related CD.


Catherine Laws
pp. 1 – 3
The Journey of Sound through the Auditory System
pp. 4 – 5
Plato’s Chamber of Secrets: On eavesdropping and truth(s)
Martin Iddon
pp. 6 – 10
Music for Lovers: Shared binaurality in a mobile sound installation
Florian Hollerweger
pp. 11 – 14
Just Listening at Café Oto
Tim White
pp. 15 – 22
Auditorium [artist’s pages]
Christof Migone
pp. 23 – 28
(Re)marking Time in the Audition of Experimental Music
Virginia Anderson
pp. 29 – 35
The Horizon of Sound: Soliciting the earwitness
Deirdre (Dee) Heddon
pp. 36 – 42
Listening Glasses [artist’s pages]
Dawn Scarfe
pp. 43 – 46
Listening-as-Touch: Paying attention to Rosemary Lee’s Common Dance
Martin Welton
pp. 47 – 54
Listening to the Body’s Excitations
Michaela Reiser
pp. 55 – 59
Listening Inside Out: Notes on an embodied analysis
Stacey Sewell
pp. 60 – 65
On Listening to Installation
Tom Davis
pp. 66 – 71
Texturen: Multiple, 2008 [artist’s pages]
Gerhard Eckel
pp. 72 – 73
Queer Listening to Queer Vocal Timbres
Yvon Bonenfant
pp. 74 – 80
Enactment in Listening: Intermedial dance in EGM sonic scenarios and the Listening Body
Deniz Peters
pp. 81 – 87
The Listener’s Response
Pieter Verstraerte
pp. 88 – 94
The Cochlea Unwound: A case study for a listening aid using a sonic crystal array
David Prior
pp. 95 – 102
Glenn Gould and the New Listener
Barry Mauer
pp. 103 – 108
To See versus To Believe: A conversation on listening
Chiara Guidi, Silvia Bottiroli
pp. 109 – 114
Resonant Listening
Anthony Gritten
pp. 115 – 122
Notes on Contributors
pp. 124 – 125
CD Contents
pp. 126 – 128

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