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Issue editors: Claire MacDonald

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Voices will be the opening issue of a new volume (PR Vol.8, Nos 1–4, 2003) dealing with the body and the senses in performance. The subsequent issues will be Bodiescapes, On Smell and Moving Bodies. Voices will consider ‘voice’ in as wide a range of contexts and manifestations as possible – both real voices and metaphorical voices, the politics of the voice and the history of the voice, the nature of sound and its absence. ‘Voices’ will explore the relationship between the sonic and the textual, between listening and reading and between eye and ear. Work on sound poetry, on the history of the voice, on music, on sound-art and its possible relationship to the inscribed and printed page as well as considerations of the voice across the performance and visual arts will be included in the issue. The editors are interested in visual and textual work that makes use of the resources of the page, and in work that may use several versions of a text.
Editorial: In Viva Voce
Claire MacDonald
pp. 1 – 4
Voicing Joyce: Crossmesss parzels from Cage to Beuys
Chris Thompson
pp. 5 – 22
Great Bass: Undertones of continuous influence
Margaret Fisher
pp. 23 – 40
Figuring Out the Voice: Object, subject, project – performing strategies in the use of extended voice range techniques in relation to language and texts
Enrique Pardo
pp. 41 – 50
Naked Samoans: Pacific island voices in the theatre of Aotearoa/New Zealand
David O’Donnell, Bronwyn Tweddle
pp. 51 – 60
A Theatre of Multiple Voices: Works of Einar Schleef, Christoph Marthaler and René Pollesch
Patrick Primavesi
pp. 61 – 73
Voice, writing, noise… OR is Herod Balinese?
Simon Shepherd
pp. 74 – 82
Wandering and Wondering: Following Janet Cardiff’s missing voice
Sarah Gorman
pp. 83 – 92
Braiding Polyphony: Je tu il elle & lui
Lynn Turner
pp. 93 – 99
Voice of Contraction: Melodrama, star system, and a Turkish female star’s excessive response to the patriarchal order
Çetin Sarikartal
pp. 100 – 111
Voicescapes and Sonic Structures in the Creation of Sound Technodrama
Hazel Smith, Roger T. Dean
pp. 112 – 123
Performance Review: The Theatre of Spectacle
Judy Kendall
pp. 125 – 127
Book Review: Educating the Ear to Sonic Textures
Sarah Parry
pp. 128 – 132
Book Review: An Authentic Ferocity
Juliet Fleming
pp. 132 – 134
Book Review: Contingency and Theatricality in Performance
Çetin Sarikartal
pp. 135 – 140
Notes on Contributors
pp. 141 – 142

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