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Issue editors: Ben Cranfield & Louise Owen

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On Proximity addresses the ‪affects and politics of forms of closeness and distance in a variety of cultural practices. Prompted by the pervasiveness of performance strategies declaring themselves immersive or participatory, and the fascination with connectivity evident in contemporary curatorial discourse, the issue puts critical pressure on binaries such as passivity/activity, consumption/production, and freedom/control by attending to the plurality of relational positions that are created through cultural practice. The articles in this issue explore how a range of forms and modes of proximity are made manifest in art, theatre and performance in different social and historical contexts. From the dramaturgy of psychosis and the curating of fictional lives, to online intimacies, the social praxis of song, and contemporary political cultures, On Proximity is itself an exercise in exploring the potentialities of bringing diverse subjects, objects and disciplines into closer relation.

Ben Cranfield, Louise Owen

Performing ‘Posthuman’ Spectatorship : Digital proximity and variable agencies
William W. Lewis

The Aura of the Aural
Ella Finer

Man Digs Pond : Performing social labour as a poetics of dwelling
Bruno Roubicek

Proximity and the Viewer in Contemporary Curating Practices
Deborah Schultz

The Ethics of Mislocalized Selfhood : Proprioceptive drifting towards the virtual other
Liam Jarvis

More than Touching with the Eyes : Proximity and puppet-theatre-for-one
Caroline Astell-Burt

Governing by Proximity : On distance and proximity in the criminal trial
Erik Mattsson

A Director in Search of a Narrative : Reality-testing in Katie Mitchell’s Cleansed
Leah Sidi

Intimate Listening
Peader Kirk, Teoma J. Naccarato, John MacCallum

Wheatcroft and Whythorne’s ‘Passports in Rhyme’ : Place in seventeenth-century village performance
Susan Wiseman

Getting Up-close and Personal with Aunt May and Uncle Jim : Some thoughts on how to deal with your audience in the 1960s
Patrick van Rossem

Some Bodies : Distance, separation and ambivalence in Nicola Conibere’s Assembly
Nicola Conibere

A Manifesto to Decolonise Walking : Approximate steps

Proximity and Dissonance in Internet-situated Performance : Rhiannon Armstrong’s International Archive of Things Left Unsaid and Jane Frances Dunlop’s charisma (for jbm & ml)
Jane Frances Dunlop

You, The Public : Grammars of address in Stewart Lee’s stand-up
Emma Bennett

‘When “Lady in Red” Plays, Dance with the Person Next to You’ : The politics of proximity in Kim Noble’s You’re Not Alone
Poppy Corbett

The Ballad of Isosceles
Alison E. Matthews

Mind the Gap : Unfolding the proximities of the curatorial
Ben Cranfield

The Trump is Present
Tony Perucci

The Way You Look (at me) Tonight (review)
So-Rim Lee

Decoding the Political Implications of Immersive Theatre
Jenny Roche

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