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Issue editors: Mick Wallis & Joslin McKinney

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On Value has grown out of the planning and realisation of PSi#18, University of Leeds, 27 June – 1 July 2012, where the theme was ‘performance :: culture :: industry’. The accelerating crisis in neo-liberalism lent further urgency to the conference discussion, and especially to notions of ‘value’. At the heart of the theme was the recognition that there is often a fundamental tension between cultural value and economic value and it is this which, conceptually and concretely, situates manifestations of performance in relationship to wider social and economic conditions. This issue addresses notions of value as they pertain to performance.


Editorial : On Value
Joslin McKinney, Mick Wallis
pp. 1 – 3
PIECE/PEACE WORK : Engendering ‘rationalities of care’ through a thread-by-thread deconstruction of militarism
Helene Vosters
pp. 4 – 14
Troublesome Professionals : On the speculative reality of theatrical labour
Theron Schmidt
pp. 15 – 26
Inspiration Exchange : The value of sitting opposite [artists’ pages]
Alexander Kelly
pp. 27 – 30
Valuing Ecologies of Performance : Culture and capital in a neoliberal world
Peter Eckersall, Dominic Gray, Jisha Menon, Mike van Graan, Mike van Graan
pp. 31 – 45
Domestic Train Wreck : A radical utopia
Melanie Bennett
pp. 46 – 55
Colonists, Settlers and Aboriginal Australian War Cries : Cultural performance and economic exchange
Maryrose Casey
pp. 56 – 66
On Value and Necessity : The Green Book and its others
Mick Wallis, Joslin McKinney
pp. 67 – 79
Beyond Capitalist Value : Experimental persistence in the austere city
Jasmine Mahmoud
pp. 80 – 91
What is it Worth? [artists’ pages]
Jeff McMahon
pp. 92 – 95
Vision, Viability and Value : Three perspectives on the performing arts across cultures, context and nations
Bree Hadley, Anuradha Kapur, Clarissa Ruiz, Sheena Wrigley, Sheena Wrigley
pp. 95 – 101
Turning Tourists into Performers : Revaluing agency, action and space in sites of heritage tourism
Phil Smith
pp. 102 – 113
You Have to Be What You’re Talking About : Youth poets, amateur counter-conduct, and parrhesiastic value in the amateur youth poetry slam
Takeo Rivera
pp. 114 – 123
Ad Astra
Salamanda Tandem
pp. 124 – 127
Audience Participation and Neoliberal Value : Risk, agency and responsibility in immersive theatre
Adam Alston
pp. 128 – 138
Review : Performance Couplings
Peta Tait
pp. 139 – 140
Notes on Contributors
pp. 141 – 142

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