1.3 On Illusion



Issue editors: Ric Allsopp

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Late twentieth-century culture is highly mediated and has in many ways rejected notions of the authentic and originary on a material as well as a conceptual level. The question of illusion and reality, of lived experience and representation in its relation both to the arts and to broader philosophical considerations continues to be a central issue in contemporary performance. On Illusion will address this question in relation to a variety of topics.

Preface and Editorial
Ric Allsopp, Richard Gough, Claire MacDonald
pp. v – ix

Baudrillard and the Ambiguities of Radical Illusion
Nicholas Zurbrugg
pp. 1 – 5

Goat Island
pp. 6 – 11

Approaching the Real: Reality Effects and the Play of Fiction
Andrew Quick
pp. 12 – 22

Presenting the Prima Donna: Black femininity and performance in nineteenth-century American blackface minstrelsy
Annemarie Bean
pp. 23 – 30

Prepared Pages: ‘Waiting for Falling Rocks’
Hans-Peter Litscher
pp. 30 – 31

Truthful Trickery: Shamanism, acting and reality
Etzel Cardeña, Jane Beard
pp. 31 – 39

Come Back to Life: An interview with André Stitt
Simon Herbert
pp. 40 – 45

…and so shall you seem to have cut your nose in sunder’: Illusions of power on the Elizabethan stage and in the Elizabethan market-place
Michael Mangan
pp. 46 – 57

Prepared Pages: W.S.H
Rod Dickinson
pp. 57 – 58

Rose English: A perilous profession
Lynn MacRitchie
pp. 58 – 70

Prepared Pages: Eclat: Occupation des Lieux 1-10
Caroline Bergvall
pp. 70 – 71

As If Dance Was Visible
André Lepecki
pp. 71 – 76

Prepared Pages: Breast Heart – a trailer for Rosita Clavel – a horse opera by Rose English and Ian Hill to be presented June 1997
Rose English, Martha Fleming
pp. 76 – 77

Hotel Pro Forma: Exposing reality as a visual illusion
Erik Exe Christoffersen
pp. 77 – 89

The Ear of Man Hath Not Seen
Nicholas Till
pp. 90 – 93

Five Microlectures
Matthew Goulish
pp. 94 – 99

Book Reviews
Claire MacDonald, cris cheek, Peter Hulton
pp. 100 – 106

Archive Review
Richard Gough
pp. 107 – 109

Notes on Contributors
pp. 110 – 111

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