1.2 On Risk



Issue editors: Claire MacDonald

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This issue looks at the notion of risk and how it relates to performance at the level of the artist’s work and the physical, cultural and political context in which the work takes place. Risk, and related ideas of transgression, shock, challenge and experiment have been central to all areas of performance practice in recent years, yet the idea of what risk means, its relationship to the wider culture and to the identity of the artist is in constant flux. This issue explores risk taken and encountered in a variety of practices and disciplines.

Preface and Editorial
Ric Allsopp, Richard Gough, Claire MacDonald
pp. v – viii

Tracey Warr
pp. 1 – 19

Prepared Pages
Bruce Gilchrist
pp. 19 – 20

An Interview with Marina Abramović
Chrissie Iles
pp. 20 – 26

Marina Abramović: Exchanging energies
Lynn MacRitchie
pp. 27 – 34

Negative Utopia: Reflections on theatre in Romania after Ceausescu
Noel Witts
pp. 35 – 39

Altered States and Subliminal Spaces: Charting the road towards a physical theatre
Ana Sanchez-Colberg
pp. 40 – 56

Oppositional Cabaret in Nazi Germany, or: Walking a Political Tightrope over the Abyss
Günter Berghaus
pp. 57 – 59

Resistance to Liberation: Decolonizing the mindful body
Dan Baron Cohen
pp. 60 – 74

Prepared Pages
Susan Taylor
pp. 74 – 75

An Interview with Patricia Ariza: An exercise of pleasure
Julia Varley
pp. 75 – 82

Anatomizing a Postcolonial Tragedy: Ken Saro-Wiwa and the Ogonis
Ato Quayson
pp. 83 – 92

Molieré + Müller
Jan Linders
pp. 93 – 104

Book Reviews
Diana Theodores, André Lepecki, Simon Thorne
pp. 105 – 110

Review of Hidden Cities: Mobile events
Andrea Phillips
pp. 111 – 115

Prepared Pages
Samena Rana
pp. 115 – 119

Archive Review
Philip d’Silva
pp. 116 – 118

Notes on Contributors
pp. 120 – 121

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