The Director’s Forum: The Six Senses of the Director – Aberystwyth, April 2010


Animating, articulating and illuminating the director’s craft

Being a director is not a solo occupation – so most of my life is spent in a room with artists who are a lot more interesting than I am
Peter Sellars: Theatre and Opera Director

CPR  invited some of the most exciting and diverse Wales – based and international theatre directors to Aberystwyth for an intensive participatory project that offered a rare opportunity for both experienced and emerging directors to gather and share the methods, approaches and skills of professional directing practice via laboratories and presentations, demonstrations and dialogue.

Guest Directors who led laboratories and exploratories  :
Julian Maynard Smith (Station House Opera, UK), Natalie Hennedige (Cake Theatre, Singapore), Richard Gregory (Quarantine, UK),  Sally Sussman (Australia), Richard Gough (CPR, Wales, UK), Peader Kirk (Wales, UK, Greece), Bryan Brown and Olya Petrakova (ARTEL, USA/Russia), Ralf Richardt Strøbech (Hotel Pro Forma/ Loop Group, Denmark), Adrian Jackson (Cardboard Citizens, UK), Veenapani Chawla (Adishakti Centre, India), Das Beckwerk (Denmark),  Bill Hamblett (Small World Theatre, Wales), Ruth Kanner (Ruth Kanner Theatre Group, Israel), Marnie Orr (Australia), Mike Pearson (Pearson/Brookes, Wales)

Guests who gave peformances: Ruth Kanner Theatre Group, Israel, Das Beckwerk, Denmark

Guests who gave presentations: Richard Gough (Wales, UK), Peader Kirk (Wales, UK, Greece), Ralf Richardt Strøbech (Hotel Pro Forma/ Loop Group, Denmark), Natalie Hennedige (Cake Theatre, Singapore), Richard Gregory (Quarantine, UK),  Bryan Brown and Olya Petrakova (ARTEL, USA/Russia), Adrian Jackson (Cardboard Citizens, UK), Veenapani Chawla (Adishakti Centre, India), Marin Blažević (Croatia), Das Beckwerk (Denmark), Bill Hamblett (Small World Theatre, Wales), Ruth Kanner (Ruth Kanner Theatre Group, Israel), John McGrath (National Theatre of Wales), Anders Paulin (Sweden), Tore Vagn Lid (Transiteatret-Bergen, Norway)

The Directors Forum was made possible with the support of a project grant from the Arts Council of Wales.

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