Summer Shift 06 – Aberystwyth, June/July 2006

CPR International Programme of Performance Workshops

The Summer Shift programme is aimed at revitalising bodies and minds with an energizing blend of practical training and creative inspiration.

• Experience and learn new training methods
• Devise work that embraces the voice, physical and visual theatre
• Explore your creativity and your imagination
• Enjoy the beauty of the landscape in West Wales

• Guillermo Gómez-Peña and Roberto Sifuentes (La Pocha Nostra)
(Mexico/USA), 21-24 June – Please note this workshop is currently full.

• Frank Theatre (Australia), 1-5 July
• Ping Chong (USA), 7-11 July
• Jacob Wren / Marie Nerland / Laure Ottmann (Montréal, Canada), 13–22 July
• Joan Mills (Wales), 14-16 July
• Ric Jerrom / Jacqui Popay (UK), 18-20 July
• Chris Crickmay and Miranda Tufnell (UK), 21–23 July


1 – 5 July


CPR is pleased to welcome back John Nobbs and Jacqui Carroll, co-directors
of Brisbane-based Frank Theatre to Wales, along with their current associate
artists. Frank Theatre specialises in offering the highly regarded Suzuki
Actor training within their own hybrid framework, Frank/Suzuki Performance
Aesthetics. CPR is also delighted to be presenting the company’s
performance, ‘Hamlet Stooged’, an opportunity to experience the impact of
the training on their own high-energy performance work as the company
perform their version of Shakespeare’s tragedy.
5 day workshop £145 (£95 Bursary Price)
2 day introductory workshop (1-2 July) £60 (£40 bursary Price)

7 – 11 July

Ping Chong will lead a studio based workshop in which actors, dancers,
directors, choreographers, and performance artists with a conceptual bent
and open mind will explore and create interdisciplinary work. Participants
will explore sound, text, light, space, visual imagery, media, acting and
movement, both separately and in combination. Participants must be willing
and open to collaborating with others from different disciplines. They are
also encouraged to bring texts they might want to work on, recorded sound
effects or music to work with and may be expected to generate short works
which synthesize several of these elements in the final class.

PING CHONG is a theatre director, choreographer, video and installation
artist and is recognized as one of the USA’s most significant Asian-American
£145 (£95 Bursary Price)

13 – 22 July

‘Endings for Aberystwyth’ is a further exploration of some of the themes and
techniques begun by Jacob Wren and Laure Ottmann (of Montréal based company
PME) and their collaborator, Marie Nerland. ‘Endings…’ will involve
participants as performers and collaborators – searching for ways to be with
the audience in as warm and natural a manner as possible, but at the same
time also activating a critical process (both within the performer and
within the spectator): a process that relates directly to the central
questions of theatre and performance.

CPR is grateful to Wales Arts International and the Québec Government
Office, London for financial support for this project.

Jacob Wren and Laure Ottmann recently visited Cardiff with PME’s
performance of FAMILIES ARE FORMED THROUGH COPULATION. The Montréal based
performance group performed at Chapter, following on from previous acclaimed
shows, En francais comme en anglais, it’s easy to criticise (2000) and
Unrehearsed Beauty / Le Genie des Autres (2003). Ceaselessly interrogating
the possibilities of live performance, PME generate a deeply human
experience with a foundation in basic yet ephemeral realities: people
working together, dealing with the audience, simply trying to figure things
£250 (£165 Bursary Price)

14-16 July

A voice workshop which explores the connection of breath and emotion in
performance, through improvisations and exercises inspired by water.

Joan Mills has developed these techniques of ‘liquid imagery’ over a wide
and varied career in theatre directing and actor training. For this workshop
Joan will teach in the studio and in the water with the participants – as
well as physical and vocal exercises and work on group and solo songs and
texts in the studio, each day will include an hour’s voice work and
‘swim-singing’ in the pool.

Joan Mills is a theatre director, voice practitioner, the CPR’s Voice
Director and Fellow in Voice and Performance at the Department of Theatre
Film and Television Studies, University of Wales, Aberystwyth.
£60 (£40 Bursary Price)

21 – 23 July
THE WIDENING FIELD: Explorations in Object, Body and Place

The workshop will concentrate on sensory and imaginative exploration of the
body, of place and of objects. It will develop physical dialogues with these
objects – exploring the image landscapes and stories that emerge as we
listen and engage with them, as ingredients both in our everyday lives and
as elements to stimulate performance – exploring how our bodies respond and
interact in surprising ways with the material world around us and following
the imagery that these encounters reveal.

Chris Crickmay is a sculptor and installation artist with a longstanding
involvement in improvised movement work and in creating performance
Miranda Tufnell is a dancer, Alexander teacher and Craniosacral Therapist.
She has been showing her performance work in galleries and theatres since
the 1970s, often making site-specific events and collaborating with visual
artists and musicians.
Chris Crickmay and Miranda Tufnell have worked together since the mid 1970s
on a variety of teaching, writing and performing projects.
£60 (£40 Bursary Price)

18-20 July
Interactive Theatre Workshop

Ric Jerrom and Jacqui Popay are two of the leading performers and directors
with the UK’s greatest interactive comedy theatre ensemble, Natural Theatre

The workshop will be based on the unconventional performance style(s) of the
Natural Theatre Company. After a short illustrated lecture participants will
investigate turning ideas into Art, Art into actions, entertainment and
engagement. As a group you will pursue the achievement of impact through
diverse means. In particular, looking at the geography of performance in
public spaces and how ‘place’ can call a piece of theatre into being.

Ric Jerrom is an actor, artist and writer; he is an associate of the Natural
Theatre Company.

Jacqui Popay is an actor, singer, artist, and designer. She has created,
led, and performed Street (and other) Theatre works as an associate of NTC
for over 30 years.

£90 (£60 Bursary Price)