Susan and Darren – Performance, Aberystwyth, November 2007

Foundry Studio (Parry Williams Building).

Wed 31 October, Thurs 1 November, Fri 2 November at 8pm £9 / £7

CPR presented, SUSAN AND DARREN a performance event with dancing by Company Fierce and Quarantine.

Susan Pritchard is Darren Pritchard’s mother. She is fifty-two and he is twenty-eight. Darren lives at home with Susan in the house he grew up in. Darren is a dancer. Susan cleans, for Darren and professionally. They dance together at home to John Holt, Althea and Donna and Diana Ross.

You are invited to help Susan and Darren prepare for one of their famous parties. Along the way there will be dancing, devastation and a lovely buffet. Friends and neighbours might pop in. Come and join the party.