Nine Years – Performance by Lone Twin, Aberystwyth, February 2007

CPR in the Foundry, Aberystwyth
Lone Twin present NINE YEARS
Monday 19 February 2007, 7.30pm.

Nine Years is an unmissable opportunity to experience contemporary performance that is both innovative and stimulating, and the first public event in the Foundry, CPR’s new home, which it shares with the Performance Studies team from the Aberystwyth University Theatre, Film and TV Studies Department.

Lone Twin have gained an international reputation for entertaining and hopeful performances exploring ideas of place, identity and travel – accessible and relevant to anyone who has ever dreamt of travel, undiscovered places and adventure.

Nine years ago two friends decided to see the world. Mostly on foot but sometimes on bicycles, the intrepid twosome travelled the length and breadth of Europe, North America and Australia offering their own unique brand of theatre to the people they met along the way. Nine years and 700 performances later, they’re back. A rich and compelling travelogue, Nine Years revisits contexts and concerns raised by their travels around the world in a ninety-minute studio work. Nine Years comprises texts, actions and recorded imagery taken from their original performances , using them to create a new narrative and including such performance feats as 12-hour line dances blindfolded and dressed as cowboys in Ghost Dance, daily cycle rides in To The Dogs and their reading of all 135 chapters (plus epilogue) of Moby Dick. They might have said, “You had to be there!” but now you don’t – you can be here on 19th February at CPR in the Foundry.

… a genuinely wistful, elegiac salute to the dreams that tease and elude us. The lure of journeying, the wish to be somewhere – or someone – else. Nowadays, their on-stage rapport – almost like a couple of hapless vaudevillians who’ve stumbled into real-time tragedy – charms audiences into fits of laughter.” (Scottish Herald)

Wonderful, funny, moving and unassuming, Lone Twin are innocents abroad.” (The Stranger, Seattle, USA)

Deceptively artless and freewheeling, absorbing and amusing it’s easy to forget that Lone Twin are performers.” (The Irish Times, Ireland)

Almost impossible to put into words – testimony to the depth and richness of a unique artistic collaboration that remains an enduring force in contemporary British performance. Long may it continue to turn” (Live Art Magazine)

They come from England. Bewildered, hopeful, dogged – I expect they could read
the phone book and be funny, but their humour has the special grace of seeming accidental.” (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, USA)