Action: Between Precision and Spontaneity – Workshop/Laboratory by Gina Paola Gutierrez, Aberystwyth, August 2012

Workshop flyer – precision, spontaneity English

Led by Columbian actress, corporal mime workshop leader and movement lecturer Gina Paola Gutierrez


How do we combine the precision of training with creative and organic energy?
Is it posible to mix two different languages aiming for the same result?
What principles that begin in an actor’s training feed a creative process?

This workshop laboratory seeks to research the links between organic movement and precision as a source of work for the actor, thus creating a dramaturgy that weaves two parallel processes: one in which the actor is receptive to the space and reacts to the impulses that eventually lead them to an action; the other in which technique serves as a means for expression and composition.

Working with common principles taken from corporeal mime and movement training for actors,
the participants in the workshop will explore:

Flow and organic movement
Principles of weight, gravity and vertical presence
Listening to body and space
Spatial composition
Dramaturgy of the actor
The rhythm of action
Improvisation and play