QLab 3 Show Control


Projects for Live Performances & Installations

By Jeromy Hopgood

© 2014 – Focal Press

Paperback. 296 pages

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Used from Broadway to Britain’s West End, QLab software is the tool of choice for many of the world’s most prominent sound, projection, and integrated media designers. QLab 3 Show Control: Projects for Live Performances & Installations is a project-based book on QLab software covering sound, video, and show control. With information on both sound and video system basics and the more advanced functions of QLab such as MIDI show control, new OSC capabilities, networking, video effects, and microphone integration, each chapter’s specific projects will allow you to learn the software’s capabilities at your own pace. Tutorials and additional resources are featured at www.focalpress.com/cw/hopgood.


Jeromy Hopgood is a tenured Associate Professor at Eastern Michigan University, where he created the Entertainment Design & Technology program – one of the only of its kind in the country. He has designed scenery, lighting, projections and sound for theatres throughout the Southeast and Midwest. He worked at the Williamstown Theatre Festival in its Tony-Award-Winning season and is an artistic associate at the Michigan Shakespeare Festival. Mr. Hopgood is a longstanding member of USITT.


Table of Contents




Chapter 1 – Audio Systems

Chapter 2 – Installation & Preferences

Chapter 3 – Setting up QLab with Your Sound System

Chapter 4 – Getting to Know QLab Sound Control

Chapter 5 – Audio Cues

Chapter 6 – Mic Cues

Chapter 7 – Fade Cues

Chapter 8 – Control Cues

Chapter 9 – Group Cues

Chapter 10 – Video Systems

Chapter 11 – Video and Camera Preferences

Chapter 12 – Setting up QLab with your Video System

Chapter 13 – Video and Camera Cues

Chapter 14 – Video Effects

Chapter 15 – Show Control Systems

Chapter 16 – QLab and MIDI

Chapter 17 – QLab and OSC

Chapter 18 – Timecode

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