Performance and Technology


Practices of Virtual Embodiment and Interactivity

Paperback, 203 pages

Palgrave Macmillan 2006

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This collection interrogates the interaction between new technologies and performance practice, linking the sensuous contact that must exist between the physical and virtual, together with the resultant corporeal transformation. It features writings from international contributors who specialize in digital art and performance practices.

Table of contents (17 chapters)

Bodies Without Bodies – Susan Melrose
Truth-Seeker’s Allowance: Digitising Artaud – Dixon, Steve
Transformed Landscapes: The Choreographic Displacement of Location and Locomotion in Film – Cook, John
Saira Virous: Game Choreography in Multiplayer Online Performance Spaces – Birringer, Johannes
Artistic Considerations in the Use of Motion Tracking with Live Performers: A Practical Guide – Wechsler, Robert
Materials vs Content in Digitally Mediated Performance – Coniglio, Mark
Learning to Dance with Angelfish: Choreographic Encounters Between Virtuality and Reality – Brown, Carol
Kinaesthetic Traces Across Material Forms: Stretching the Screen’s Stage – Schiller, Gretchen
Sensuous Geographies and Other Installations: Interfacing the Body and Technology – Rubidge, Sarah
Body Waves Sound Waves: Optik Live Sound and Performance – Edwards, Barry (et al.)
Intelligence, Interaction, Reaction, and Performance – Broadhurst, Susan
The Tissue Culture and Art Project: The Semi-Living as Agents of Irony – Oron Catts, Ionat Zurr
Addenda, Phenomenology, Embodiment: Cyborgs and Disability Performance – Kuppers, Petra
Technology as a Bridge to Audience Participation? – Carson, Christie
Afterword: Is There Life after Liveness? – Auslander, Philip

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