Architecturally Speaking


Practices of Art, Architecture and the Everyday

Edited by Alan Read

Paperback. 352 pages

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Architecturally Speaking is an international collection of essays by leading architects, artists and theorists of locality and space. Together these essays build to reflect not only what it might mean to ‘speak architecturally’ but also the innate relations between the artist’s and architect’s work, how they are distinct, and in inspiring ways, how they might relate through questions of built form. This book will appeal to urbanists, geographers, artists, architects, cultural historians and theorists.

A key premise of this collection is the focus on the enriched field of interdisciplinarity that allows for cross-cultural thinking in areas of research ranging from philosophy, geography, urban planning, sociology, art, digital media and architecture, to name but a few. However, although deeply rewarding and enriching, Read rightly reminds us of the disciplinary significance of each discrete area and its potential loss of significance in the superficial ‘blind date’ of hasty interdisciplinarity.’ – Dorothy Rowe, The Art Book

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