9.3 Generation



Issue editors: Claire MacDonald with Laura McGough

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Generation proceeds from a simple question – how does belonging to a generation inform the generation of art? What are the art events that have influenced and informed art making and art writing within living memory. The issue explores the transaction that ‘generation’ implies – between the interests and preoccupations of one’s own time and the aesthetic and cultural performances that emerge from it. The sense of belonging to a generation is stronger for some people than for others. It influences some more than others. One’s sense of artistic generation may feel very different from that of one’s peers. One may feel part of one’s time, out of time, profoundly influenced by key events, or indifferent to them. Generation is a collaboration between Performance Research and Nomads, the Washington DC online organization that has shown and commissioned new media, produced the journal Massage and is now moving into curating sound.


Alan Read
pp. 1 – 2
Editorial: Familiar Relations
Claire MacDonald
pp. 2 – 3
Frontispiece: ‘A Place in Europe’ (1983)
pp. 1 – 1
Ventriloqua [artist’s pages]
Aura Satz
pp. 4 – 8
Surviving Text: Investigating writing for experimental theatre of the 1970s and 1980s
Cathy Turner
pp. 9 – 22
The Kids Were Alright: A decade in the life of the members of a Seattle alternative theatre company
Doug Rosson
pp. 23 – 29
Fingers on the Collective Pulse? Frantic Assembly and the future of theatre
Helen Freshwater
pp. 30 – 43
(Re)performing the Archive: Barbara Lattanzi and Hollis Frampton in dialogue
Chris Hill
pp. 44 – 53
From Generation to Generation: Notes on black performance in Britain
Michael McMillan
pp. 54 – 68
The Shape of the Stone was Stoneshaped: Between the generations of Dick Higgins and David Rokeby
Lisa Moren
pp. 59 – 84
Mother’s Little Helper
Lenora Champagne
pp. 85 – 96
Patrice Pavis
pp. 97 – 105
Distant Cousins: Tracing genealogies of method in Bogart and Lepage
Bronwyn Tweddle
pp. 106 – 115
Criminals and Celebrities: The inter-generational performance practice of Miranda Harcourt and Stuart McKenzie
David O’Donnell
pp. 116 – 128
Angellessness [artist’s pages]
Zekiye Sarikartal, Evren Erlevent
pp. 129 – 133
Book Reviews: Keywords
Claire MacDonald
pp. 134 – 136
Arts Review: Brown Study
Lori Ortiz
pp. 137 – 139
Notes on Contributors
pp. 141 – 142

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