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Issue editors: Ric Allsopp & Kevin Mount

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On the Page considers the future of the printed paper page in its relation to and with performance including work on the material qualities of the page that have endured – pulp, glue, stitching, inking, wood – and those aspects of the page that may bear witness to the ‘performance’ of the book: page turning, marking, dog-earing, marginalia. It also contains contributions from artists and writers who consider the page as a site of performance and/or its traces, as well as those who consider their work to depend on the page as the key to, or foundry of performance. The issue also contains material from, and reflection on, newer performance media that live at a comfortable distance from print publishing – hypermedia, cybertexts, multimedia, web-based media. The Editors (in collaboration with the Institute for Digital Arts and Technology at the University of Plymouth, UK) have commissioned new work from six UK-based artists and/or groups: Eve Dent, Foreign Investment, Misha Myers, Read/ Write/ Fold Architecture, Victoria de Rijke, and Phillip Warnell & Stephanie Nava. The work is inscribed through varied linked digital media – sonic, video, graphic, page- and screen-based – and forms the DVD supplement that accompanies the issue.


Ric Allsopp, Kevin Mount
pp. 2 – 3
Frontispiece: ‘He continued blinking his eyes and trying to smile…’
Deborah Price
pp. 4
Polished Pages [insert]
Tanja Dabo
Itinerant Pages: The Page as performance pace
Ric Allsopp
pp. 2 – 6
Woman in White Meets Man in Black
Kevin Mount
pp. 7 – 14
Reading (il)legible pages
John Hall
pp. 15 – 23
Drawing a Blank: Picturing nothing on the page
Howard Hollands
pp. 24 – 32
Frontispiece: Supermen
Foreign Investment
pp. 34 – 34
Repulsive Margins
Deborah Price
pp. 36 – 37
Elbowroom + read/ write/ fold architecture
Eve Dent, Arch-Os
pp. 38 – 43
The Light Emitting Organ
Phillip Warnell, Stéphanie Nava
pp. 44 – 51
Forged Inscriptions
Rosy Greaves
pp. 52 – 54
Word for Word
Nick Thurston, Pavel Büchler
pp. 55 – 62
Error Engine
Judd Morrissey, Lori Talley, Lutz Hamel
pp. 63 – 66
Scott deLahunta, Wayne McGregor, Alan Blackwell
pp. 67 – 72
Supermen: A silent play in 12 scenes
Foreign Investment
pp. 73 – 78
Installation for an unsuspecting home
Jordan Harrison
pp. 79 – 82
Jordan Harrison
pp. 83 – 87
Emmanuelle Waeckerle
pp. 88 – 89
Way from Home [with insert]
Misha Myers, Dan Harris
pp. 90 – 91
Frontispiece: ‘Reading a Polished Page’
John Hall
pp. 92 – 92
Writing to Vanish: Etienne Decroux’s eclipse of corporeality
Franz Anton Cramer
pp. 94 – 98
Visual Poetry as Performance
Ian Davidson
pp. 99 – 107
Torah Pages
Robyn Sassen
pp. 108 – 117
The Crystal Ball
Joshua Sofaer
pp. 118 – 131
The Grain of Duck’s Voice
Dr Quack
pp. 132 – 141
Beyond the Genius of the Sea: The theatre of the natural unconscious
Anthony Kubiak
pp. 142 – 150
Book Review: Turning over an Old Leaf
William H. Sherman
pp. 151 – 154
Simon Zimmerman
pp. 155 – 160
Notes on Contributors
pp. 161 – 163
DVD Contents
pp. 164

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