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Issue editors: Andrew Quick & Richard Rushton

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What is Theatricality? Is it the essence of theatre, or is it that which distorts, exaggerates and thus undoes theatre? Can performance be both theatrical and anti-theatrical? Does anti-theatricality invoke a new kind of theatre? Or is an embrace of theatricality integral to processes of performance? The contributions in this issue ask these and other questions in relation to a wide range of performance examples and possibilities. These include articles on The Wooster Group, Jan Fabre, Marina Abramović, Robert Wilson, and Goat Island, as well as reflections on theatricality and skill, sound, grief and violence, and on the politics of theatricality, theatricality and disability and immersive theatricality.


On Theatricality
Andrew Quick, Richard Rushton

Theatricality, Michael Fried and Nineteenth-Century Art and Theatre
Patricia Smyth

‘Rule Number 1 – It is Possible that Your Only Nation is Imagination’ : Political/Historical theatricality of Jan Fabre’s images in Belgian Rules/Belgium Rules
Sylvia Solakidi

Balancing Acts : (Meta)theatricality and violence
Emma Willis

Notes towards a Theatre of Assemblages
Simon Bowes

Theatricality and Absorption : Politics of representation in Michael Fried, The Wooster Group and Robert Wilson
Nik Wakefield

The Force that Sustains : Theatricality and intermediality in the work of The Wooster Group
Serap Erincin

The Star of the Show : Trademark, theatricality and ‘the grandmother of performance art’
Bryony White

Theatricality as an Interdisciplinary Problem
Julia Peetz

Theatricality : A dramatic form of contesting spectatorial codes
Goran Petrović-Lotina

On the Theatricality of Sign Languages on Stage
Laura Haughey, Denise Armstrong

Ototheatre : Summoning theatricality
Laren R. Beck

SEMESTER : The labour of attention
Konstantina Georgelou

Theatricalizing a Familial Archive
Elizabeth Kurkjian

The Theatricality of Grief : Suspending movement, mourning and meaning with Roland Barthes
Harry Robert Wilson

On Theatricality and the Space Between : Relationships and the theatre(s) of learning disability
Jennifer Goddard

Theatrics between Life and Death : Performing the urban history of Garibong-dong, Seoul in Camp or the Place that Became a Lion by Miwansung Project and OLTA
Soo Ryon Yoon

Theatricality and the Construction of ‘Skill’
Jack Belloli

Grace within the Limits of Theatricality Alone : The puppet-body in Goat Island and Every house has a door
Swen Steinhäuser

In and Out of the Dark : Exposing the ‘immersive’ theatrically
Mischa Twitchin

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