23.6 On Generosity



Issue editors: Laurie Beth Clark & Michael Peterson

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On Generosity offers critical examinations of the ethics and practices of generosity, as well as generosity’s inherent performativity. Without recourse to a naïve faith in its potential, but also without devolving into cynicism about its limits, this volume takes a fresh look at how generosity appears in performance and how generosity is performed. Contributors analyse practices and discourses of generosity in political and economic interventions, in everyday life, in social practice art and as represented in theatrical performances. Generosity is considered as a performative relation, and the volume includes enquiries into the generosity and generativity that may lie at the heart of performance itself. This is amplified in a special showcase section, ‘Cabinet of Generosities’, which proliferates examples of performance works that engage generosity as practice and as theme.



Laurie Beth Clark, Michael Peterson

Read the Editorial and Abstracts for the articles below here.


A Rhapsody For You

Helen Paris


To Offer/To Exchange : A conversation

Lauren van Haaften-Schick, Charles Simonds


Toxic Colonialism and the Gesture of Generosity

Jisha Menon


To Be Undone

Patrick Anderson


Whole Parts : On rupture and the other side of generosity [artists’ pages]

Jeannine Shinoda


Have I Done Enough? : Lin-Manuel Miranda and Hamilton’s culture of generosity

Laura MacDonald


Performing Philanthropy from Andrew Carnegie to Bill Gates

Alisa Zhulina


Radical Care : Performative generosity and generativity in Third Theatre

Jane Turner, Patrick Campbell


Assister au Spectacle [artists’ pages]

Julia-Kristina Bauer, Carl Lavery


The Gift of Cake : Baking together in performance

Jenny Lawson


Even Better than the Real Thing : Economies of ontological authenticity in socially engaged art practice

Ciaran Smyth


Performing Labour’s (Non)Futures : Universal basic income and the monetary imagination

Christian Riley Nagler


Contagion as Method : Generating stages of enunciation

Anyely Marín Cisneros, Rebecca Close


Cabinet of Generosities (cont.)

Mark Flisher, Mark Harvey, Nick Kline, Rebecca Ann Hobbs, Rebecca Ann Hobbs, Richard Gough, Tomaž Krpič


Cabinet of Generosities (cont.)

Walmeri Ribeiro


Cabinet of Generosities

Arianna Richardson, Carolyn Defrin, Clara Rocha, Cristiane Bouger, Cristiane Bouger, Joseph Connelly, Kirsty Máté


Letter to the Editors [artists’ pages]

Mick Douglas, Amaara Raheem

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