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Issue editor: Richard Gough

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This issue of Performance Research is the centenary anniversary edition of the journal. With the increase of volume output from three issues a year (1996) to four (2002) and then six (2012) and now eight (2017), the 100th issue has rapidly hurtled towards us. To mark this achievement, we have published a special expanded edition (a double issue, plus—XXL); we have solicited new articles and artist pages in response to all the previous ninety-nine themes explored by the journal since its inception—from the first issue/theme Temper of the Times (1:1 1996) to the ninety-ninth, On Climates (23:3 2018). The 100th submission, an essay in two parts, is authored by Ric Allsopp and Richard Gough. In terms of the structure of the issue, chronological order is reversed so that we begin with On Climates and run towards Temper of the Times

We approached all of our Editorial Board, former Guest Editors, journal editors of sister publications and artists/scholars who have contributed frequently to Performance Research throughout the last twenty-two years, inviting them to select one theme of the ninety-nine, and write (compose or construct) a new work in response to that theme (not necessarily the contents of the ‘original’ issue). The only condition was that they could not select a theme that they had edited or previously written on. The result is an extraordinary collection of scholarly articles, provocations, artist pages, works for the page, poems and textual montages composed by Performance Research colleagues from around the world—a celebration, in more than 500 pages, of Performance and Research.

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On Reflection: An introduction Richard Gough

From Weather to Climate: A note Carl Lavery

‘Performing, Writing’: What’s that comma up to? John Hall

On Children Eirini Kartsaki

On Leftovers Una Bauer

On Taste and Other Senses: Synaesthesia in Renaissance and Avant-garde performance Günter Berghaus

Seriously Drunk: Anders Härm and Wendy Houstoun fall ‘under the influence’ Sarah Gorman

How Long? How Far? A brief meditation on the reach of a name’s performativity Natasha Lushetich

With the Maternal: Encountering performance through natality Adele Senior

Janez Janša®: Proximity as a dramaturgical operation, in three parts Konstantina Georgelou

Turning Animal, with 100 Claws MoOM (aka the Museum of OMMMMM)

Libraries Tracy C. Davis

Radical Education Gary Anderson

Trans-performance : Artaud’s 1937 journey to Ireland Stephen Barber

‘Tamper (the play in it)’ David Williams

On Dialectics Nicholas Ridout

My Sea : On the waves of poetics and politics Lena Šimić

In Repose: 45 sleeping performance researchers Sam Trubridge

A Litany on An/notations Tara Aisha Willis

On Repetition Philip Auslander

On Institutions Bojana Kunst

Ruined Claire MacDonald

Never Been Human I am Bird: On the shape of love Nicolas Salazar Sutil

The Triangle of Love: Aesthetics and engagement Michael Hiltbrunner

New Hazardscapes for Old: Rupture, resilience, resistance Sharon Mazer

disturbulendance : (the feel of thingsAndré Lepecki

On Medicine Kélina Gotman

On (Not Being with) Time (Queerly) in Post-War Britain Ben Cranfield

On [the limits of] Affirmation: Benjamin and Wittgenstein Freddie Rokem

On Abjection: Pain, blood and humour as a feminist aesthetic strategy in the work of Boryana Rossa Sandra D’Urso

Gone to Zero Wayne Hill

On Writing & Digital Media Debra Caplan

Nothing like … falling … Susan Melrose

Becoming-atmosphere Johannes Birringer

On Those and Other Values: A field trip to the Netherlands in times of trouble Marijke Hoogenboom

Footnoting Fire Alan Read

Labourscrape Eddie Paterson

Living in the Moment : Duration now and then Andy Lavender

On Duration Julieanna Preston

Site-specific Ecological Loss Peta Tait

Forgetting Machines: From memory theatres to critical rap Jon Mckenzie

Four Legs Good … Claire Cunningham, Dee Heddon

Failure, Fighting and Pedagogy Sarah Kate Crews

On Philosophy & Participation Will Daddario

For an Art of Participation : Common goods for the common Branislav Jakovljević

Performing Publics Gigi Argyropoulou

On Clinical, Cultural and Theatrical Trauma Caroline Wake

Fieldworks Joe Kelleher

On Listening Sodja Lotker

Shu-mon, Get it Hypatia Vourloumis

Addressing the Bones: Parades, photography and pedagogy Róisín O’Gorman

The Interval Between Bodies : Transplanted parts Gianna Bouchard

On Dramaturgy to Make Visible Peter Eckersall

Turning Back to Training Paul Allain, Stacie Lee Bennett

Performing Literatures : Handling the text Lynette Hunter, Ilya Noé

On Appearance : or what the Loch Ness Monster can teach us about contemporary performance Philip Watkinson

A Sea of Stories : Archipelagic gatherings and RoRo journeys Jazmin Badong Llana

After Performatics Dariusz Kosinski

On Choreography: Femmage, collage, assemblage Rachel Fensham

On Objects Nick Kaye

On Diaspora: In search of the holy Rina Arya

Road Rumour: Ground plans for the sky-blue city Nicolas Whybrow

On, Beckett Sara Jane Bailes

Digital Resources Talia Rodgers

Towards a Fictionary of Theatre Patrice Pavis

A Note on the Index in Contemporary Documentary Theatre Solveig Gade

Made to Order: Japan Cody Poulton

Clues on Technē Frank Camilleri

On a Shakespeare–Verdi Trilogy: In photographs Marin Blažević

Dynamics or Solidifications? Questions on form(ations) in contemporary dance Susanne Foellmer

On Theatre Paul Rae

Civility, Empathy, Democracy and Memory: Exploring the ‘we’ in compromised times Maria M. Delgado

Generation Rebecca Schneider

Generation (Monday) Matthew Goulish

What’s Left on the Page Theron Schmidt

Purkinje Cells: Synchronising timelines Scott de Lahunta

Moving Bodies, Piano Body Catherine Laws

Smell, Terrorism and Performance Jim Drobnick

On the Marriage between Bonté Crompton and Gustavo Durán Kevin Mount

Studying Voice in Order to Build a Knowledge of Vocal Creation Valentina Valentini

Sweet Everlasting Voices Joan Mills

On Archives & Archiving Peter Hulton

Performance Archives : Recommendations by Performance Research contributors

When Fluxus Came to West Wales : A re-search in 12 actions – or, does a network have a margin? Heike Roms

On Translation Goran Sergej Pristaš, BADCo.

On Editing: Between the lines Bonnie Marranca

Navigations Cathy Turner

Erotic Zones, Utopian Images Paul Carter

On Departures: Heiner Müller meets Elon Musk Edward Scheer

On Memory Lisa Lewis

Ephemera : Matter and memory Dorota Sosnowska

Opening the Circle: Performance philosophy as an animal movement Laura Cull Ó Maoilearca

On Openings Emily Underwood-Lee

On Silence and Autism Shaun May

On Line: A response from a transmedial, postdigital and post-internet future Christina Papagiannouli

On Cooking Michael Peterson

Come as you are Daniel Watt

Things Come Apart Mike Pearson

On America Stephen Scott-Bottoms

On Refuge Helena Grehan

Saudades : A series of digressions on tourism, trauma, expertise and longing Laurie Beth Clark

Letters from Europe Mischa Twitchin

Illusiontext Richard Allen, Goat Island

On Ignoring Risk Patrick Duggan

The Hunter’s Risk Eugenio Barba

On the Temper of Multiple Times: Remembrance of things in the moment of fury Rustom Bharucha

Interpreting Dreams Ric Allsopp

Journal Bound Richard Gough







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