19.2 On Affirmation



Issue Editors: Catherine Silverstone and Fintan Walsh

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This special issue of Performance Research invites contributions that consider relationships between affirmation and performance. We think of affirmation as an act or a gesture, e.g., a round of applause or a standing ovation; an iteration or an appraisal, e.g., a vow or a review; and as an affect or a field of affects that supports and mobilizes certain behaviours, events and ways of being.

Editorial : On Affirmation
Catherine Silverstone, Fintan Walsh
pp. 1 – 3

The Infinitude of Thought in Precarious Form : Thomas Hirschhorn’s Gramsci Monument
Maurya Wickstrom
pp. 4 – 13

The Affirmation of ‘Life’ Beyond Governance : Performance art that resists citizenship under austerity
Sandra D’Urso
pp. 14 – 24

‘Do we have a show for you? Yes, we have got a show for you!’ : Sexual harassment, GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN and the (re)appraisal of postmodern irony
Sarah Gorman
pp. 25 – 34

Clerical Betrayal and Christian Affirmation
Joshua Edelman
pp. 35 – 43

Audience Affirmation and the Labour of Professional Wrestling
Broderick Chow, Eero Laine
pp. 44 – 53

Affirmation and Disidentification : The labour of performing ‘brand India’
Ameet Parameswaran
pp. 54 – 62

Affirmative Antinomies of Naturalist and Realist Theatre
Eve Katsouraki
pp. 63 – 73

‘A Sacred Affirmation’ : Immanent performativity and Gilles Deleuze’s Difference and Repetition
David Fancy
pp. 74 – 83

Mathematical Resonances in the Architecture of Goat Island’s The Lastmaker
Piotr Woycicki
pp. 84 – 93

Ruach : An interactive performance
Brian Lobel
pp. 94 – 97

Splat! : Death, mess, failure and ‘blue-balling’
The Famous, Lauren Barri Holstein
pp. 98 – 102

Yoko Ono’s Dreams : The power of positive wishing
Kevin Concannon
pp. 103 – 108

‘You’re funnier when you’re angry’ : Affirmation, responsibility and commitment in David Hoyle’s live performance practice
Daniel Oliver
pp. 109 – 115

The Minute Interventions of Stewart Lee : The affirmative conditions of possibility in comedy, repetition and affect
Scott Sharpe, J-D Dewsbury, Maria Hynes
pp. 116 – 125

Theft, Contestation and Affirmation in Contemporary Czech Theatre : Krepsko’s Ukradené ovace (The Stolen Ovation)
Becka McFadden
pp. 126 – 134

What Feminists Do When Things Get Ruff (review)
Kim Solga
pp. 135 – 137

Quietly Posthuman : Oriza Hirata’s robot-theatre (review)
Francesca Spedalieri
pp. 138 – 140

Notes on Contributors
pp. 141 – 142

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