18.6 On Ice



Issue editor: Richard Gough

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What possibilities exist for theatre and performance to take on the condition of ice? Strength and fragility, exquisite structure yet impermanence, ephemerality and transience, embodying cool detachment, able to suspend and release time in unmeasured duration, retaining disinterest and distance? Complementing the recent issue ‘On Fire’ (PR 18:1) which opened this volume, ‘On Ice’ includes reflective and speculative works for the page on performance and ice as well as historical accounts and in-­depth critiques of ice and theatre across time and cultures, from ritual to folk customs, to performance art, civic ceremony, climate-­change awareness and the use of ice and performance in acts of protest, contemplation, resistance and defiance.

Cold Cuts: Chattering and trembling
Richard Gough
pp. 1 – 15

Minimum Monument
Néle Azevedo
pp. 16 – 17

Icescape Theatre : Staging the Antarctic
Elizabeth Leane
pp. 18 – 28

Elemental Journeys : A domestic ice cube’s journey towards transformation
Annouchka C. Bayley
pp. 29 – 35

Mariele Neudecker: Heterotopias and Other Domestic Landscapes [artist’s pages]
Greer Crawley
pp. 36 – 37

The Frigid Description of the Dancing Body
Kaustavi Sarkar
pp. 38 – 45

Performing Ice : On perception of cold, the performing body and the spectActor
Tomaž Krpič
pp. 46 – 53

The Performativity of Ice and Global Ecologies in Olafur Eliasson’s Your waste of time
Simone Hancox
pp. 54 – 63
Drawing on Ice : Learning to create performance with and through the blade and boot of a skate
Hannah Gravestock
pp. 64 – 70

Antarctic Dream – Ice as Architecture of the Human Spirit : VestAndPage performative works in Antarctica
pp. 71 – 80

Ice Burns : Identity fluidity and sensory body perception
Peta Tait
pp. 81 – 88

Dawns Ysbridion/Ghost Dance 09.02.63 [artist’s pages]
Roger Owen
pp. 89 – 92

Ice as Element : German Vinogradov’s performance Songs of the Glacial Toad
Joanna Matuszak
pp. 93 – 104

Stephen F. Lilly
pp. 105 – 111

Performing the Ephemeral : On ice cream and the theatre
Joshua Abrams
pp. 112 – 121

Bodies of Uncharted Ice : Daniel Léveillé’s La pudeur des icebergs
Bridget E. Cauthery
pp. 122 – 128

The Materiality of Duration : Between ice time and water time
Natalie S. Loveless
pp. 129 – 136

Freezing of Collective Memory : The trial of Harold Pinter
Aleksandar Sasha Dundjerović
pp. 137 – 145

The Frozen Memory
Nilüfer Ovalıoğlu, Zekiye Sarikartal, Zeynep Sarikartal
pp. 146 – 150

Dancing Communities: Performance, difference and connection in the global city by Judith Hamera (review)
Joe Kelleher
pp. 151 – 153

Contemporary Street Arts in Europe (review)
Susan Bennett
pp. 154 – 156

Modelling Defiguration
Franziska Bork Petersen
pp. 157 – 160

Notes on Contributors
pp. 161 – 162

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