15.4 Fieldworks



Issue editors: Stephen Daniels, Mike Pearson & Heike Roms

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Fieldworks explores the manifold ways in which performance shapes and is shaped by landscape and environment, and offers modes of understanding how places are encountered, imagined, evoked or transformed through human and non-human activity. Places urban and suburban, rural and industrial, spectacular and overlooked, everyday and enchanting, remembered and contested, protected and degraded, enacted, looked at, moved through, worked on and lived in. Working in and across a diverse field of disciplines and practices, contributions from artists and scholars examine the complex ideas, feelings, experiences and concerns – physical, sensual, emotional and cognitive – evoked by landscape and environment, as imaginative representations, material realities and arenas of public concern, through both embodied engagement and critical apprehension.


Stephen Daniels, Mike Pearson, Heike Roms
pp. 1 – 4
Loop (a geography)
Hayden Lorimer, John Wylie
pp. 6 – 13
Walking Women: Interviews with artists on the move
Deirdre (Dee) Heddon, Cathy Turner
pp. 14 – 22
Me, You and Everywhere We Go: plan b [artists pages]
Sophia New, Daniel Belasco Rogers
pp. 23 – 31
Dancing the Face of Place: Environmental dance and eco-phenomenology
Nigel Stewart
pp. 32 – 39
Fieldworking with Atmospheric Bodies
Derek P. Mccormack
pp. 40 – 48
Hanging from Knowledge: Vertical dance as spatial fieldwork
Kate Lawrence
pp. 49 – 58
Looking backwards to walk forward: Walking, collective memory and the site of the intercultural in site-specific performance
Luis Carlos Sotelo
pp. 59 – 69
The Last Wolf [artists pages]
John Fox
pp. 70 – 71
Describing Landscape: Regional sites
David Matless
pp. 72 – 82
Pings [artists pages]
Simon Whitehead, Barnaby Oliver
pp. 83 – 85
Mapping the Field: Moving through landscape
Jo Robinson
pp. 86 – 96
Echoes across the Past: Chorography and topography in antiquarian engagements with place
Michael Shanks, Christopher Witmore
pp. 97 – 106
Wapke Feenstra
pp. 107 – 114
Living Waterscapes: The practice of water in everyday life
Jacquie Clarke
pp. 115 – 122
Landscape with Students and Teachers: Landscape, environment and performance pedagogy in a Greek Summer Academy
Helene Varopoulou
pp. 123 – 130
Underworld, Underground, Underhistory: Towards a counterhistory of waste and wastelands
David Williams
pp. 131 – 140
Notes on Contributors
pp. 141 – 142

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