11.4 Digital Resources



Issue editors: Ric Allsopp & Scott deLahunta

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This issue, in a volume that explores the terms under which performance is debated, discussed, conducted, written about and constructed, focuses on the uses of digital resources. Drawing its material from current critical and practice-based research employed by artists and scholars working with performance in the arts and humanities, the issue will provide a constellation of work that furthers the debate on the influence of digital media on the generation of scholarly and practice-based research, and asks how digital resources have changed ways of working. The issue and its DVD supplement will be compiled and edited in association with the 2006 Digital Resources in the Humanities and Arts (DRHA) conference and will include contributions from N. Katherine Hayles, Roy Ascott, and Stelarc among others.”


Ric Allsopp, Scott deLahunta
pp. 1 – 4
Digital Resources DVD: Contents
Revealing and Transforming: How literature revalues computational practice
N. Katherine Hayles
pp. 5 – 16
Nature and Cyberspace: A deep slow aggregation over time
Sue Thomas
pp. 17 – 22
Generic Versus Idiosyncratic Expression in Live Performance Using Digital Tools
Sally Jane Norman
pp. 23 – 29
Will.o.wisp (‘willow-wisp’)
Kirk Woolford
pp. 30 – 38
Technoetic Territories
Roy Ascott
pp. 39 – 40
The Emergent Dress: Transformation and intimacy in streaming media and fashion performance
Johannes Birringer, Michèle Danjoux
pp. 41 – 52
Constructing Memories: Creation of the choreographic resource
Scott deLahunta, Norah Zuniga Shaw
pp. 53 – 62
Still Life in Motion: The performance of time in video painting
Christin Bolewski
pp. 63 – 66
Uncanny Interactions
Steve Dixon
pp. 67 – 75
Motion Tracking in TAG
Peter Bowcott, Low Brow Trash
pp. 76 – 80
Bearers of the Flame’: Music, dance, design, and lighting, real and virtual – the enlightened and still luminous legacies of Hellerau and Dartington
Richard Beacham
pp. 81 – 94
New Media and Historical Narrative: 1884 Japan
Stefan Tanaka
pp. 95 – 104
Practice-as-Research and the Problem of Knowledge
Robin Nelson
pp. 105 – 116
Multi-disciplinary Perspectives on the British Library’s Archival Sound Recording’s Project
Philip Butler, Rachel Cowgill, Celia Duffy
pp. 117 – 126
Michael Takeo Magruder
pp. 127 – 128
Biotechnology as Mediality: Strategies of organic media art
Jens Hauser
pp. 129 – 136
Digital Practices: An aesthetic and neuroesthetic approach to virtuality and embodiment
Susan Broadhurst
pp. 137 – 147
Day of the Figurines
(Matt Adams) Blast Theory, Scott deLahunta
pp. 148 – 151
SWAP Project Presentation
Rudolph Quintas, Tiago Dionísio
pp. 152 – 154
Notes on Contributors
pp. 155 – 157

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