20.6 On An/Notations



Issue editors: Scott deLahunta, Kim Vincs and Sarah Whatley

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On An/Notations considers the potential of the surface of the page, alongside other surfaces, including the screen, as sites for engaging with and thinking through performance ideas and processes. An annotation at its simplest level is adding information to information using some kind of mark-up language or tools. Annotation of body-based practice documentation (for example, video or motion capture) is research done on research, adding semantic layers and drawing further insights out of recorded (mainly past) events and actions. This issue will seek to engage projects using a wide range of approaches alongside critical reflection to draw out and make explicit research and insights from within the entanglement of sensing, feeling and thinking that is the body-based practitioner’s research field.

The Body in the Margins : Alexandra Kollontai’s command performance by Lindsay Goss

Notation for the Audience : The reading movement as way to implicate spectators by Emilie Gallier

Going to hear a dance : On audio describing by Eleanor Margolies

Notes on Annotation by Florian Jenett

Affective Traces in Virtual Spaces : Annotation and emerging dance scores by Hetty Blades

Worlds of MoCap : Writing dance on a three-dimensional canvas by Laura Karreman

Creating by Annotating : The director’s notebooks of Jan Fabre and Jan Lauwers by Timmy De Laet, Edith Cassiers, Luk van den Dries

Notion of Notation >< Notation of Notion (artists’ pages) by Emma Cocker, Nikolaus Gansterer, Mariella Greil

How Viral Poems are Annotated : On ‘OCD’ by Neil Hilborn by Kila van der Starre

Scoring the Generating Principles of Performance Systems by Pil Hansen, Christopher House

Report on a European Project : The laboratory for the twenty-first century (LABO21) by Jonas Rutgeerts, Bertha Bermúdez Pascual, BADCo., Sarah Whatley , Sarah Whatley

Let’s Make a World : A world to be alive in (artists’ pages) by Claire Hind, Gary Winters

Rekall : An environment for notation / annotation / denotation by Clarisse Bardiot

Just in Time : Rosemary Butcher, making memories and marks by Susan Melrose, Stefanie Sachsenmaier, Rosemary Butcher

Jealousy, Transmission and Recovery by Simon Ellis

Translucent Surface / Quiet Body : Choreographic Notes by Katrina Brown

Performances in Footnote Form : While You Are With Us Here Tonight by Mark Smith

The Annotation of Skin by Prarthana Purkayastha

Dances I Only Heard in the Night by Alana Gerecke

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