12.2 On the Road



Issue editors: Paul Rae & Martin Welton

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While performers and performances are on the move as never before, corresponding forms of performance analysis and research are arguably still getting out of the starting blocks. On the Road presents a selection of arguments and analyses that underscore the experience of mobility and the actuality of travel as integral to the production and reception of theatre and performance. It asserts that the rapid and sizeable recent increase in the volume and extent of human mobility represents an excellent opportunity for new understandings of what constitutes the field (a tellingly enclosed term) of theatre and performance studies. The international experience of theatre-makers and spectacle-mongers, and the internationalized predisposition of their audiences raises new questions about authenticity, originality, sites, sights, spaces, places, languages, translations, transports, training, funding, tours, tourism, taboos, environments, ecologies, identities and itineraries. On the Road provides one route to finding some answers.


Editorial: Travelling Performance
Paul Rae, Martin Welton
pp. 1 – 4
Tracing Tramlines: Site-responsive interventions at Glasgow’s Tramway
Minty Donald
pp. 5 – 9
From Theatre to Dispersal: A journey from Stalowa Wola to Mobile Machinoeki
Phil Smith
pp. 10 – 20
Loco Motion: Railway perception, relativity and the stage
Kyle Gillette
pp. 21 – 30
Getting Lost: Site-specific performance and re-location
Victoria Hunter
pp. 31 – 34
Falling Out of the World: In Rome with Freud, a friend, Moses and Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio
Joe Kelleher
pp. 35 – 40
[artist’s pages]
Daniel Belasco Rogers, Stephen Hodge
pp. 41
Ghosts on the High Path: The Nightflight Project
Simon Piasecki
pp. 42 – 46
Feeling Like a Tourist
Martin Welton
pp. 47 – 52
Between Gardens
Ute Ritschel
pp. 53 – 54
[artist’s pages]
Daniel Belasco Rogers, Stephen Hodge
pp. 55
Floods of Memory (A Post-Katrina Soundtrack)
Paige McGinley
pp. 57 – 65
Away From Home: The curious domain of passage
Joanne ‘Bob’ Whalley, Lee Miller
pp. 66 – 74
Transient Roots: Performance, place and exterritorials
Sally Mackey
pp. 75 – 78
Choreographies of Tourism in Yosemite Valley: Rethinking ‘place’ in terms of motility
Sally Ann Ness
pp. 79 – 84
Dance Travels: ‘Walking with Pearl’
Rebekah J. Kowal
pp. 85 – 94
Iterations, Reiterations, Stutters and Stumbles: A multicultural theatre project in Lesotho
Nigel Watson
pp. 95 – 97
Echo: A performance project by Cindy Rehm [artist’s pages]
Cindy Rehm
pp. 98 – 101
Travelling the Guagua Aérea: The transnational journeys of Dominicanyork performance
Douglas Hundley
pp. 102 – 113
Moving Pictures: The persistence of locomotion
Ray Langenbach
pp. 114 – 124
Translate, Translocate, Perform
Margaret Werry
pp. 125 – 137
A Good Catch: Practicing generosity
P.A. Skantze
pp. 138 – 144
Desiring Mobility
Ong Keng Sen
pp. 145 – 147
[artist’s pages]
Daniel Belasco Rogers, Stephen Hodge
pp. 148
Notes on Contributors
pp. 149 – 150

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