With Grotowski: Theatre is Just a Form


By Peter Brook.
Published by Instytutim Jerzego Grotowskiego (Poland)


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“Paradoxically, what is most interesting and most fascinating in theatre …seems to be what is not visible: tensions, an alive relationship which can be sensed and experienced but which cannot be fully seen, since what is to be seen are performances –i.e. symptoms. Also, in the case of the two protagonists of this collection of texts what is most intriguing seems to be what stays in the shadows: the changing, dynamic process of inspiration and never-ending dialogue between Peter Brook and Jerzy Grotowski, which forms the essence of one of the most fascinating artistic friendships of the past century.”

An extract from a note by the Editors of this absorbing collection of short texts by Peter Brook, in which he examines Grotowski’s craft and its impact on his own work.

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