Transformation & Revelation


UK Design for Performance 2007-2011
Published by the Society of British Theatre Designers.

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Companion to the 2011 national exhibition, Transformation & Revelation.

Transformation & Revelation is a fully illustrated celebration of the diversity and richness of contemporary design for performance in the UK and by UK designers worldwide. It takes as its theme the transformative qualities inherent in design for performance and its realisation. It illustrates the work of over 200 practising theatre designers and other visual artists working in theatre with over 350 images of designs for set, costume and lighting, as well as designs for theatre spaces. Transformation & Revelation covers a tremendous range of performance design, – from Anthony Gormley’s Sutra with Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and the Saholin Warrior Monks for Sadlers Wells, to Es Devlin’s designs and projections for the Lady Gaga tour; from Ian MacNeil’s new designs for the New York version of Billy Eliott to Lion King designer Richard Hudson’s latest designs for dance. The book also includes work from the UK’s newest, and yet to be well-known, designers. Transformation & Revelation asks: How do theatre designers use the transformation of structures and costumes and space to take us on a visual journey? What is the process by which visual ideas are generated and developed to realise this vision? Working from the premise that the function of design is not merely to illustrate the performed text, music or movement, but to provide a further layer of visual narrative, it is the designer’s job to make us ask, “What am I going to see next? What will be revealed?” It is through this process of constant visual and aural transformation and revelation that we experience a work of theatre. Also included are: biographical information, indexes by: production, company, venue, designer and photographer. Transformation & Revelation is accessible to general and specialised readers. It is an invaluable resource for students, teachers and anyone interested in contemporary performance.

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