Towards a Poor Theatre


By Jerzy Grotowski.
Edited by Eugenio Barba with a preface by Peter Brook.
Published by Methuen Publishing Ltd.


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“One of the century’s most impressive theatrical manifestos” – Irving Wardle

Jerzy Grotowski created the Theatre Laboratory in Opole, South-West Poland, in 1959. His work since then, with a small permanent company, became one of the most potent sources of information for modern actors and directors. This is a record of the ideas that motivated the work of the Theatre Laboratory, and of the company’s methods and discoveries.

In his Preface Peter Brook writes: “Grotowski is unique. Why? Because no one else in the world, to my knowledge no one since Stanislavski, has investigated the nature of acting, its phenomenon, its meaning, the nature and science of its mental-physical-emotional processes as deeply and completely as Grotowski.”

Grotowski’s Theatre Laboratory Company was first seen in Britain at the Edinburgh Festival in 1968 and went on to international fame.

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