The Theatre of the Absurd


By Martin Esslin.
New edition.
Published by Methuen Publishing Ltd.

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The ‘Theatre of the Absurd’ was bound to work its way into our language as a catch-phrase, and from the start Martin Esslin’s ground-breaking book looked set to become the definitive study of these playwrights who have dramatised to powerfully what is still the most genuinely representative attitude of our time: the meaningless absurdity of the human condition.

With admirable lucidity Esslin Shows how Samuel Beckett, Ionesco, Genet, Pinter and other have confronted a world in which there is no communication, where man – cut off from his traditional religious and metaphysical roots – flounders about in a purposeless void, shorn of all certainties.

Martin Esslin’s book is as readable and stimulating as it is fluent and illuminating. It is a classic of its kind.

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