The Hope playhouse, animal baiting and later industrial activity at Bear Gardens on Bankside


Excavations at Riverside House and New Globe Walk, Southwark, 1999-2000

Anthony Mackinder with Lyn Blackmore, Julian Bowsher and Christopher Phillpotts

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Southwark’s famous Bankside was long known as an entertainment area up to the 17th century. This volume provides evidence for the Barge, one of the medieval stewhouses (tavern/brothel) and the later Hope, a dual purpose building hosting animal baiting as well as play performances. The next phase in Bankside’s history was industrial and its glass and pottery products of the 17th and 18th centuries were much sought after. Evidence for their production was found on the sites. The remains of 19th-century brick buildings relate to a known iron foundry in the area.

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