Performing Site-Specific Theatre


Politics, Place, Practice

Editors: A. Birch and J. Tompkins

Paperback, 253 pages

Palgrave Macmillan UK 2012

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This book investigates the expanding parameters for site-specific performance to account for the form’s increasing popularity in the twenty-first century. Leading practitioners and theorists interrogate issues of performance and site to broaden our understanding of the role that place plays in performance and the ways that performance influences it.

Table of Contents:

The ‘Place’ and Practice of Site-Specific Theatre and Performance
Tompkins, Joanne

Rethinking Site-Specificity: Monopoly, Urban Space, and the Cultural Economics of Site-Specific Performance
McKinnie, Michael
Rehearsing across Space and Place: Rethinking A Masque Presented at Ludlow Castle
Bennett, Susan (et al.)

Embodied Presence and Dislocated Spaces: Playing the Audience in Ten Thousand Several Doors in a Promenade, Site-Specific Performance of John Webster’s The Duchess of Malfi
Collins, Jane

Haunted House: Staging The Persians with the British Army
Pearson, Mike

Toiling, Tolling, and Telling: Performing Dissensus
Irwin, Kathleen

Beyond Site-Specificity: Environmental Heterocosms on the Street
Haedicke, Susan

Repetition and Performativity: Site-Specific Performance and Film as Living Monument
Birch, Anna

Contemporary Ekkeklemas in Site-Specific Performance
Ferris, Lesley

‘Places, Like Property Prices, Go Up and Down’: Site-Specificity, Regeneration, and The Margate Exodus
Owen, Louise

Ambulatory Audiences and Animate Sites: Staging the Spectator in Site-Specific Performance
Zaiontz, Keren

Immersive Negotiations: Binaural Perspectives on Site-Specific Sound
Barton, Bruce (et al.)

My Sites Set on You: Site-Specificity and Subjectivity in ‘Intimate Theatre’
Iball, Helen

Siting the People: Power, Protest, and Public Space
Nield, Sophie


This is a welcome addition to the developing literature on site-specific theatre and performance, whose chief virtue lies in providing a range of original essays testifying to the diversity and disparateness of contemporary site-based work.’ – Steve Bottoms, New Theatre Quarterly

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