Maybe Tomorrow


By Soji Cole

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Two former friends who had fought as soldiers in a war between 1967-1970, and had lost contacts several years back, are suddenly reconciled in an incongruous manner, and in a most unsuitable environment – a police interrogation room. One is the interrogator and the other is the suspect. The conflict of interests between these two former comrades-in-arms is characterised by reflection on the tears, sorrow and blood of the thirty months Civil War in Nigeria.

“Soji Cole’s Maybe Tomorrow is an appetizing lump of drama that conveys the searing anger of a new generation; it raises a voice against the Niger Delta militancy that reigned during the late Yar’dua’s administration, and every other form of terrorism and intimidation. Maybe Tomorrow is an important creative piece and a must read.”

Book Republic Online Magazine

Soji Cole is a member of the Faculty of Arts, University of Ibadan. He teaches undergraduates playwriting at the Department of Theatre Arts.

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