Games for Actors and Non-Actors

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By Augusto Boal.

Translated by Adrian Jackson.
Third edition, 2022. Routledge
394 Pages 24 B/W Illustrations

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Games for Actors and Non-Actors is the classic and best selling book by the founder of Theatre of the Oppressed, Augusto Boal. It sets out the principles and practice of Boal’s revolutionary Method, showing how theatre can be used to transform and liberate everyone – actors and non-actors alike!

This new third English edition includes recently uncovered interviews and essays from the 1970s, some of which featured in the earliest Portuguese edition of the book, and a new essay by the theatre director Sergio de Carvalho, which looks at Boal’s work in the context of Brazilian theatre and politics over the past fifty years.

This is a vital handbook for theatre makers and activists of all kinds who want to deepen their understanding of the theory and practice of Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed. It is also an excellent introduction for those new to the system.

1 Theatre of the Oppressed in Europe  2 The Structure of the Actor’s Work  3 The Arsenal of Theatre of the Oppressed  4 The Early Forms of Forum Theatre  5 Forum Theatre: Doubts and Certainties: Incoprporating a New Method of Rehearsing and Devising a Forum Theatre Model  6 First Experiences with Invisible Theatre  7 Artistic Creation and Divine Madness: A Meditation on Art and the Miraculous  8 Interview for the Portuguese Edition (1977)  9 To the People, the means of Theatrical Production: Interview with Émile Copferman  10 Specialisation and Profession, Vocation and Language


Augusto Boal was a theatre director, dramatist, theorist, writer and teacher. He was a Vereador (Legislator) for the Camara dos Vereadores (Legislative Chamber) of Rio de Janeiro from 1993 to 1996. He was the author of The Theatre of the OppressedGames for Actors and Non-ActorsThe Rainbow of DesireLegislative TheatreHamlet and the Baker’s Son: My Life in Theatre and Politics, and The Aesthetics of the Oppressed. He died in Rio de Janeiro in May 2009.

Adrian Jackson is a theatre director, playwright, activist and teacher. He was the Founder and Artistic Director of Cardboard Citizens, a theatre company working with homeless people, from 1991 to 2021. He has translated five books by Augusto Boal with whom he collaborated on a number of occasions and has taught Theatre of the Oppressed in over twenty-five countries across Europe, Asia and Latin America.


‘This is an inspiring and powerful book, a lucid account that will be of substantial use to people already using Theatre of the Oppressed. It should also act as an excellent introduction for those new to the system.’ —Artscene

‘This is a useful handbook for those who want to explore Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed and, as such, is greatly to be welcomed. Boal’s work deserves and demands emulation.’ —Theatre Research International

‘You have achieved what Brecht only dreamt of and wrote about: making a useful theatre that is entertaining, fun and instructive. It is a different kind of theatre – a kind of social therapy. It focuses the mind, relaxes the spirit and gives people a new handle on their situations.’ —Richard Schechner

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