Czech THEATRE 29


Published by Arts & Theatre Institute (Prague)

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Editorial – Kamila Cerna

Three Generations of Czech Playwrights on the Contemporary Stage – Alena Zemancikova

A Report on the State of Czech Directing – Jana Machalicka

Ost-Ra-Var 201: A Current Report on the State of Ostrava’s Theatres – Tatjana Lazorcakova

A ‘Red’ Past Exposed in the Tragedy of Josefa Slanska – Tereza Sieglova

Three Times by Jan Mikulasek – Michal Zahalka

Drabek’s Era at Hradec Kralove – Jan Kerbr
Havel Inside Out – Michal Zahalka

The Spirit Blows Where it Wills, Or, The Buranteatr Phenomenon – Josef Mlejnek

A Mesmerising Halt (Anna Petrzelkova, A Preliminary Portrait) – Michal Zahalka

Jiri Herman’s Era at the National Theatre in Prague – Lenka Saldova
The Enchanting Dream that this Land will Blossom Again – Martina Cerna

Naive Theatre Delights Adults as well as Children – Jan Kerbr

Budulinek and Gagarin: One Flew Over the Puppeteer’s Nest 2012 – Jana Soprova


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