Blind Spot: Staring down the void


Edited by Ric Allsopp and Karen Kipphoff


Performance Research Books 2020. RRP £65. CPR price £45.

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The blind spot is a natural phenomenon at the origin of sight and a metaphor for forms of cultural, psychological, social and environmental blindness. This collection of original essays, artworks, writings and resources responds to a wider Blind Spot artistic research project (2016-2020) initiated at the Norwegian Theatre Academy. It features contributions from Ric Allsopp, Irving Finkel, Karen Kipphoff, Kiran Kumar, Ageliki Lefkaditou, Nigel Llewellyn, Kevin Mount, Alice Oswald, Theron Schmidt, Sophie Sleigh-Johnson, Henrik Treimo and Britta Wirthmüller.

The publication forms part of the Performance Research Books series, ‘Thinking Through Performance’.


Blind Spot: Staring down the void is in two parts contained in a slipcase. Part 1 is a reference pamphlet with an editorial introduction, a catalogue of artworks, an overview of the parent research project and notes on contributors. It also includes a list of the references to Ric Allsopp’s introductions to the five sections of Part 2. Part 2 is a concertina-bound book of commissioned essays on the theme of the blind spot, with artworks by Karen Kipphoff. The design and layout of Part 2 enable two panoramic spreads to open out across the three recto and two verso sections of the concertina binding. As a standalone, Part 1 can be read as a map to Part 2.

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