99 Georgian Songs


A collection of traditional folk, church and urban songs from Georgia.
Revised and expanded edition.

Introduced by Edisher Garakanidze
Song notes and translations by Joseph Jordania
Edited by Joan Mills at the Centre for Performance Research assisted by colleagues, friends and family members of Edisher Garakanidze

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This varied collection of 111 beautiful polyphonic songs is introduced by Edisher Garakanidze, whose dedicated and empowering teaching is acknowledged as one of the main influences on the developing interest in singing Georgian polyphony in the UK. He devised this book as a support for groups and individuals who wanted to learn more about the songs, their region of origin, singing style, and context. He wanted it to be a ‘really useful work-book for singers’ rather than a scholarly text for ethnomusicologists.

When, Edisher Garakanidze died in a car accident in 1998, The Centre for Performance Research who had been helping Edisher prepare the book, decided to complete it in his memory and to ensure that his hope for its publication was fulfilled. This has been possible only with the contribution and collaboration of Edisher’s many friends and colleagues. The book is a testament to the respect in which he was held, the generosity of spirit he demonstrated and enthusiasm he inspired.

The introduction includes: notes on the regions and song ‘dialects’ of Georgia; singing styles, including scales, modulations and intervals common in the songs; descriptions and examples of the three types of Georgian traditional song – folk, church and urban; Georgian feasting traditions; pronunciation of words; music notation and glossary.

The 99 songs have been selected from the 15 different singing regions of Georgia, and have been arranged in order of ease but allowing for variety, each with an English translation of the text and contextual notes prepared by Joseph Jordania. This together with a map of the regions from which the songs come, photographs, links to a list of ensembles singing Georgian songs outside Georgia and a discography, offers a complete guide to singing the wonderful folk harmonies of Georgia, whether you are a beginner, or a long-term enthusiast.

This edition has been fully revised and updated and benefits from the addition of 12 extra traditional songs.

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